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NRU Heed
We will use this thread to give you current changings or settings.
--- Post updated ---
Server will stay in ranked now. its still not full running at all time but even in the past we are always a late afternoon or evening server. that means it was running in the evening and that is ok. :)

as some time all 64 server have lag when they are full. because of this the servr will run in 48 player modus to see if there is no lag anymore.


NRU Heed
after some NRU and also some regulars asking about more maps i think we a re on a point to change the maplist. even as it looks like we have some nice, funny rounds in the evening with enough player.
so i think its time for the next step and i changed the maplist to all maps now. can´t be the real deal to play all this stansard maps over and over and every player would like to play all the interesting maps too.

so give it a go :)
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NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
The “standard” maps are OK but it is nice to get some of the othr ones too. Some are not necessarily favourites but as you don’t play them so often you don’t know every nook and crany of them which makes it more interesting. As I get older though the memory fades so every map is a new experience. :D

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