Current Amount Of Player In Bf4

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NRU Heed
  • I wouldn't play Hardline even if it was free!
  • Don't really have a reason to play BF3 but if your PC is a bit older worth playing still
  • BF4 - Isobel says "You not bored playing that?" Me: Nope! Even after a stupid amount of time playing
  • BF1 - want to like it but there is a lot wrong with it as a game and too many suspect players.
bf 4 Like the game but miss the Bolt action rifles from bf 1 DONT miss the air whores though XD

bf 1 Love the bolt-action rifles and the absense of air whores but think Theres wayy to many Automatic weapons for a WW 1 themed game, sure the weapons excisted but mostly as prototypes,
a few bugs to fix for the game to be optimal but far from as F*ed as bf 4 was when that came out XD
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thats so true. sometimes you see everyone running around with a automatic gun.

That is wrong, half are holed up in some rock crevice sniping the another quarter who are running around dropping deadly fart grenades with automatic weopons and the final quarter are either in tanks or planes or waiting for a tank or plane. :)
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