Culzean Castle

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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
We were at Culzean (pronounced culleen) Castle (more a stately home than castle) yesterday. Been there before about 20 years ago so thought it was time for another visit. House is quite nice (had something to do with the Kennedys in the past and Eisenhower used to like it. However, could do with some work to freshen it up a bit. They have a new playground area so it was full of kids (screaming tantrum variety all talking in a horrible Glaswegian (my opinion)) that did spoil it a bit. Took a few photos which can be found in the link below.
There was a Teddy Bears picnic there today (Sunday) but the thought of there being even more kids made us give it a miss. Isobel could probably have won the oldest, smallest, most expensive, biggest collection if she had bothered. Transporting 400+ bears would have been fun.

Each room had a bear and a piece of Lego somewhere but most kids seem to be to hyper to even bother.
What an exceptional collection of 18th century furniture! It would have taken me many, many hours marvelling at all those magnificent, meticulously crafted period objects.
Whenever we visit a castle or a stately home, the first thing I am magically drawn to are leather-bound books and furniture – I can lose myself in the contemplation of those fascinating witnesses of days gone by.

Judging from your pictures, Glen, Culzean Castle - and the breathtaking landscape surrounding it - is a treat for all senses. :)
I think the room with the bears on the chairs was the library but Isobel just frowned at it! That is one thing Isobel would like in a house a room allocated as a library so she could have all her books out on display. She must have about a thousand books around the house and stored in the garage. She has some Kindles (yes more than one) but still loves physical books.

Your right about the books and furniture seeing events and history. One of the castles in Wales had the original furniture and you can imagine the goings on and the people that read the books and sat on and used the furniture and desks. Some of the buildings can seem more like a museum but there are some that you can tell were homes before being given to the National Trust.

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