*CQB* Friendly clan match?

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17 Jan 2013
Alright guys.

We were wondering if you would be up for a small (6v6/8v8) fun friendly match on bf3 anytime? (preferably weekends)
Anyways ill keep an eye on this thread for any responses
Also my origin ID is TheBlackswan_UK if you'd like to discuss it further.

Our clanmatch organizer has been idle a while. I am sure we could get a team together though just give us a few days to see what comes along. Updayes will be here. We used to match on Sundays around 8pm GMT. What type of match you looking for, vehicles or IO?
We would be up for either Ninja or even one of each.
20:00 gmt is the time we normally play also.
lol laka u cock, i might be up for a bit of match action, if u need an old rpg/mine noob
Tonight? That's a bit fast isn't it lol though most UK people will be here i imagine due to the snow lol
never played clanmatch before that sounds like fun to try.

hmm that makes me a clanmatch virgin i think LMAO
Mr Kynt could be a good decoy.. lol.

i might be able to be reserve but very busy.. so will skip this one..

Who will organise the match? Ninja?
I could try Geno. I would say best bet would be 8pm gmt next Sunday so we have time to get people together.I will add Rob when i get back home later.
Right I have requested Rob as a friend and will discuss more about this with him when he accepts. I will PM everyone to find out who is available, I would still say 8pm GMT next Sunday is the best bet to get it organized.
AW: *CQB* Friendly clan match?

I look that i have time, that the Enemys have a target :D

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