Countries you have been to ....and places you still want to see

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25 Apr 2012
Peterborough, UK
I was born in Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe but we dont say that word).
I have been to South Africa, Spain, France, Holland, Barbados, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore.

I still want to visit Botswana, Thailand, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ukraine, Canada, USA.
new zealand, canada & hawaii are top of my to do list, been spain, greece, mexico, australia, scotland
Been uk 3 times, us once, spain, sweden. Would like to go to north sweden for some snowboarding. Otherwise fine i guess as long as the summer has some warmth over here.
Live in Holland.
Have been to: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, UK, Austria, Denmark, Switserland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, most Caribian Islands, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia...

Places to visit: Thailand (going in October), New Zealand, Brazil, India, Egypt, South Africa, and loads more
Born in Japan.
Been to most of Far East...Hawaii, China, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macau, Philippines, Vietnam,
Europe: been to Holland, France, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Belgium, Egypt, Hungary, Italy
Never been to any part of Africa or the Indian subcontinent.
Places I like to go....I hear Scotland is nice!
Yeah my GF had that pretty badly as well, but the wish to see other countries got her over the worst of it, still not a big fan but as long as its not "small" aircraft she OKish
Helped having worked for an airline and having a wife who is a travel agent

Been to: France, Netherlands, Germany (for teddy bears), East Germany (pre unification), Spain, Portugal, Italy, Monaco, Austria, Belgium (for beer), Luxemburg, Austria, Denmark, Norway (for an hour and a half), Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Greece, Malta, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, USA (19 of the 50 states) and Canada.

Want to visit: China and more of the far east

Don’t want to visit: Australia (too many things that appear on any “most dangerous…” lists)
I live in Finland and never been outside of it's limits. Im camper lol. :D
I currently live in the netherlands.

I've been to:
- Germany
- France
- UK
- Denmark
- Belgium
- Luxemburg
- Switzerland
- Austria
- Slovenia
- Serbia
- Bulgaria
- croatia
- Hungary
- Czech Republic
- Poland
- Turkey
- Greece
- Spain
- Italia

Where I'd like to go:
- 'Murica! (sightseeing, roadtrip etc.)
- Russia (especially moscow)
- Arab emirates (preferably just Abu Dhabi and Dubai)
- China
- Japan
- South Africa
- Egypt
- Brazil
- Mexico
- Netherlands Anthilles
- Canada
- Australia (probably just melbourne and Sidney due to the high amount of 'NOPE!' and 'KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!')

That's probably not even all :p damn I want to see the world haha :D
AW: Countries you have been to ....and places you still want to see

I was at :
Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, UK, Austria, Switserland, Spain, Italy, Turkey,many parts of USA, Canada, most Caribian Islands, New Zealand, Egypt, Greece, Canary Islands, Marocco, Tunis, Netherlands every location from Arnheim to Amsterdam and back over Mastricht (at young years was a Roadtrip that i never forget) and loads more.

where i wanna go : well i want see nearly all i dont want go to crisis areas, but i wanna see so many i can and my purse let me do. :D

@ Sordids: then make it how my Famaly try Cruise ships, we drive allways with Costa :D
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Been to: Sweden and Estonia only (and don't remember a thing from Estonia's Tallinn... buah). Want to visit: Egypt, most of the Europe, Australia.
Re : Countries you have been to ....and places you still want to see

nice thread ,i went in belgique,royaume uni (londres) ,suisse (laussane ,montreux),allemagne (landau,berlin)..
and i would like to visit most of the country of the rising sun , but i fear of flying and my wife does not ( unless it attaches me during the tour,LOL )
uk as born here lol and cyprus n.ireland tunisia lanzarote and france. and as a chld went on 3 week touring holiday of europe
Dont go there ....was just there and got the worst ever DIARRHEA in my whole life :D basically can say, that visit was shitty ! But the pyramides and Suez Canal are nice, if only the sellers werent there.
Cairo isnt worth to go I think, looks like a Moloch during civil dirty and worn down.
nothing here ive been in Denmark all my life except some border shopping days we went to Germany.
however there are places i dream of visitting some day among them are

- Scotland (the highlands have always drawn me)
- Florida (i gotta try Pebble beach some day)<--- dream course (golf)

If i get to go to Scotland some day im gonna try a couple of their awsome golf courses and go on a Whisky Tour ;-) <-- has plenty of places held like to visit "over there"

Think the best places I've been to so far were Sydney and Singapore. 2 Places I could imagine also to work and live.....currently working on a job in Singapore, but extremely hard to win it. My industry is not in a good shape for expats currently.
Been to most countries in Western Europe, Morocco, Canada and USA.

Some memorable moments:

Two months on Greyhound-bus tour coast to coast in the US.
Two weeks in the British Virgin Islands.
A week in the Alps, skiing and walking, in July.
Kent to Cornwall by car during a week (honeymoon!)
Wake Island, Karkand, Mashtuur, Zatar Wetlands, Dragon Valley etc - nice in the spring.

Dream trips: Japan and Sunderland of course.
been to Wales a few times .... marvelous country ;)

really it is . I mean it :)
regards to our Welsh friends , rich.

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