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26 Aug 2012
Hey guys,

A bit of advice is needed please. My brothers system that he's been running for nearly a year now has started playing up and is reaching extremely high temps whilst on idle.

After 10 minutes one of the cores hit's 95

He is currently running

I7 2600k (no overclock)
GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (Rev 1.3)
Corsair H100
16GB Corsair Ram.
2x GTX580's (Twin Frozr edition)

He has been using his PC with it running a hell of a lot lower than this for some time and randomly over the past 24 hours when he has turned it on it's reaching these temps.

It can hit 98 not on load.

I can't think what it may be.. the h100 looks fine and doesn't appear to have anything wrong with it. Although I've put it on the third 'fastest/most cool' setting and this doesn't affect the temps.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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If I had to guess either something has gone horribly wrong with the pre-applied TIM, there's a gap or too much has been applied something like that, or you've lost water flow in the H100. Apart from that could be faulty temp sensor but I doubt it. Not sure what else it could be.

What RPM does the BIOS report for the pump? Also I guess what is the BIOS reporting for temperature just to be sure :p
My first thought is that some fan possibly cpu fan is full of dust and has stopped working
or that the power supply to this fan is gone. check also cooling grid to the cpu.
All fans are running fine. The TIM has been on since he bought his motherboard and CPU so I can't see it being that.

The BIOS reports 89 degrees.

We really need to crack it open and see whats going on.

Windows still fuctions fine there is no stuttering or anything..

I hope he won't have to buy another CPU otherwise I'll never hear the end of it.
I would think it's a lot more likely it's the heatsink rather than the cpu itself but stranger things have happened.
I'll get him to buy a new air fan, see how that goes?

Would the CPU not be severely damaged at 95c?
Sorry I misread your last post (tired doing stupid ITIL exams all day)

but the Tcase for 2600k is 72c, the Tjunction (max core temp) is 98 I think. So you might be lucky enough for it to be okay, as long as he doesn't keep running it.

Do you have the stock heat sink at hand and some TIM? Maybe just swap to see what it's like and then replace with something good :p
What's the temp over time i.e. from cold start to say after an hour? Does it reach those temps soon?
Is it a thermal compound issue needs a clean and re apply paste or the cpu fan is insufficient

Box standard heat sinks suck balls never used one never will look at after market Cpu fans

Is he gaming with it
Or at some point been overclocked
Are all settings in bios at default or reset them to default, Not sure on Intel but I have AMD and that has cool a quiet or has the voltage settings been adjusted
Reset Bios back to factory default (think that's F10 in bios menu)

Its hard to pin point so many variables
Hope this helps some Darky
Its hitting 80-90c after 3-4 minutes, its going up like its counting seconds.

Nothing has been overclocked and bios settings are normal. As I say nothing has changed on the system in the last couple of years except its cleaning which is every 6 or so months.

I'm that OCD over it I've even checked all his cable connections and cable managed them all.

I know it'll sound daft but could it be an underpowered psu? As he's running shit loads for a 750w

I'll post a youtube video once home..!
Uh I reckon you could run it on a good 750 (not sure how much the overclocked cards take compared to stock nVidia ones). Though I imagine it's not far away from the minimum wattage. Really personally I would have gone for the more 800-850w range especially if you take into account capacitor aging. Of course it all depends on what other stuff he has drawing power as well.
But remember it's the total amps available on all the rails that really matter.

Though I don't know if that would cause overheating on the cpu, I would of thought you would get more performance degradation than massive heat at idle. (doubt you're using 750w at idle)
I suggest more beer cooling, it helps at least temporary way. :rolleyes:
I know its basic but as teo said check ventilation is good I've had this many times & a thorough blow job sorts everything out!!
I would bung on a cheap replacement cooler just to see what the result of that is. If the temp doesn't rise or is a lot lower then there is probably an issue with the h100. If the fans are working and the cheap cooler keeps the temps down I would suspect the pump may have failed or is about to fail. The heat generated could be sufficient to get some sort of convection flow through the system enough to keep the temp steady but not enough to cool it adequately. Assuming there isn't a puddle of water in the PC so it is a dry system the pump would be the more obvious culprit.
i can only think of a heat paste problem and would try to make at least sure that this isnt the problem

i mean it sounds like its not cooled at all!

i mean it really is a pain in the ass but i would try to dismount the cpu fan and look what the heat paste did... only problem you will need new heat paste afterwards ;)
Quickly watched bits as I'm on mobile.

Hmmm guess it would be nice to see the pump RPM but I take it they're all molex connectors?

Also how warm are the cpu pipes to touch?
They are fine to touch which is whats confusing.

Yes they are molex.

He's going to buy a Noctua NH-D15 on Monday so that should *touch wood* fix it.
sry. saw that threat too late.
i had nearly the same issues 2 years ago with my i5. but the pc went off and a blue screen told me that the cpu is way too hot. sth between 90 and 100 degrees.
although many friends told me that the contact paste couldn't be the problem i renewed it and everything was fine again.

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