Cooking any one : D

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22 Aug 2012
Staffordshire (UK)
Ok guys just like to say i love cooking nothing fancy just typical english meals some spanish and a little chinese and indian
and lets not forget mexican
so if you got any great recipes then post them you coco's

See how well this thread does :p
Nice I'm a decent cook ad well.I have a good recipe for chicken enchiladas with green enchilada sauce
Re : Cooking any one : D

Hey, french cook :D [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Cassoulet is[/FONT] very nice
AW: Cooking any one : D

my first training was as a chef, I have learned in a 2 star Restraurant and I have 100's recipes, it's easier if you write what you want to cook and then I'll tell you what you can make of it.

@Chris vous avez raison

Recept Cassoulette

Stew from Southwest France. The original recipe for cassoulet is made of white beans, lamb, goose and pork. Is seasoned with all sorts of herbs and spices, including bay leaves, garlic, onions and thyme. And also a little vegetable belongs to the cassoulet. Carrots, celery and tomatoes not only provide the right consistency but also support the taste. Similarly, the white wine, is extinguished with the cassoulet.
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AW: Cooking any one : D

I am a pretty decent cook too :) I like to cook exotic food, pasta and sauces. Usually I cook without any meat or fish as I am not eating those but for my family I use everything of course :D
Didnt know there were so many chefs around!
I love cooking, I cook almost everyday dinner. I love food :)
Obviously, my best is Japanese cooking, but am skilled in other cuisines aswell :)
in the interests of keeping this topic balanced ... i must admit i'm a terrible cook, university taught me nothing except how to eat out :D
lmao andy, I bet she has....... loads
& spunkster where the fuck do you find this shit??? I really do worry about your state of mind!! lol
I love cooking
Girl who likes play BF and make food. Too good to be true, must be trap. :D

Im so noob in kitchen. :D To me cooking is only necessary routine like brushing of teeth and most of time i eat something simple what is fast to make. :p :shaming:

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