Commonwealth games


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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I appreciate that many of you may not have heard of the Commonwealth Games as it an exclusive club of countries that have been invaded or colonised by the English over the years that pretend it is as good as the olympics. Had to share the Scottish uniform so we can mock it mercilessly.

Just what were they thinking. Obviously someone was keen on equal opportunities and gave the job to someone colourblind, no sense of style and a lot of curtains and sofa material left over. Or they really didn't want the job and just did a half-arsed effort expecting it to be rejected. Or they were English...



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20 Oct 2012
Too paranoid to tell it :P
Oh cmon, us English are responsible for our share of injustices, but making people wear that???
Were not that bad :)
You english are just my Sraw kill victims like you know when you fly in attack heli. :) Everytime when Nestienoob is in heli i hit it with Sraw, its like my magic Andy-bot, when ever im in same server and shoot around Andy pops out behind corner and dies. :D :D
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