(cod 4) weapon custom skin/camo HELP

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31 Aug 2014
i saw custom weapon camo/skins on youtube and i want them and ive been trying to get for 2 days.(tell me if im doing this wrong) ive renamed the Iw_00 files 00-05 to "localized_english_ "aa-aae.
i think my problem is that i cant open "the localized_english_aw_07" folder which the images folder is in where i acutaly put the skin/camos. i dont know what to open it with but my pc auto uses Photo veiwer which i know it not a photo. if i use winrar it like disables the file because its changes the "file type" to in a winrar archive but im pretty sure it has to stay as a .iwd file for cod 4 to view or use it i guess. ive tried it as a winrar archive and i think thats why i cant get it to work.
PLease help and tell me if im retarded. xD
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Re : (cod 4) weapon custom skin/camo HELP

By chance, I'm a former COD4 player and admin !...
As far as I can remember, you can rename the extension .rar as .iwd.
But with this method, you'll be the only one to see your custom weapons even in multiplayer.
That makes sense because every one else would need the custom.skin you intended to use.

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