Co-op on test range in bf4

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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
Live coop test range
So me and my mates have been looking forward and hoping for some sandbox coop that just didn't happen. And the silly part is that the current test range is solo? How are you supposed to practice being a helicopter gunner if you don't have a pilot?

Anyway, I started digging around to see if it was possible to launch coop and it seem it is, in multiple ways. I will show you the easiest way to do it as it is EXTREMELY non-intrusive.
All you need is rcon access to a ranked server. Do the following:
1. maplist.clear
2. maplist.add mp_playground tmp 2
3. admin.shutdown

Now the server will relaunch with test range and multiplayer chunks, it shows up in the server browser and anyone can join it! Since there's some support lacking for multiplayer on this map there's a chance you and your buddies won't be on the same team. Simply use your admin powers to move players It seems like you get actual ranked XP for killing everything on the map and it instarespawns.

This is a big exploit lol, for statspadding etc etc

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