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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
probably sounds a stupid question but how do you buy petrol/diesel in Germany and Belgium? Obviously you use money in some form :) but often the instructions on the pump are way beyond basic understanding of the local language.

In the US some are lift, pump and pay. Some places you have to pre-pay before pumping. And other states the pumps are attendant only. In the U.K. We either pump and then pay at the kiosk or pay at pump with a card and PIN number.
its really easy here to buy fuel...just drive backwards at the station. cars with a 1-5 in the numberplate have to use odd pumpnumbers, cars with a 5-9 have to use other ones. oh silver and gray cars can only use the pumpstation at the weekend. blue and green at mondays and yellow and black at fridays....see its really simple :D :D :D

so seriously its really easy 99,9% of the gas stations are without any prepay. just drive in, fuel your car and go to the cashier and tell him your pumpnumber. you can pay cash or with nearly all of the popular creditcards.
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Yep as lakaelo said you just fill up the tank and go inside & pay, also in Germany I use to go bit beside the Autobahn to some Villages or smaller places cuz it's cheaper :p
oh yes, a lot cheaper. try not to buy it at the autobahn.

Thanks. Glad you mentioned the numbers and colour thing - that could have been embarrassing.

Same over here. Local supermarket station is £1.10 per litre but on the autobahn (see Iz speek german :) ) it can be £1.35 per litre. Yes we by fuel by the litre but still do miles per gallon - we are strange. Once we leave the EU we can go back to gallons and fluid ounces and pounds and ounces! :)
Glen, why do you Brits and your family down under try to be so spesial and learn that fuel is in liters and that you drive on wrong side of road. ;)

BTW!! a car vacation in Norway is a pricey trip. (Norway is 1 of Europes biggest oil nation, but still got highest fuel prices lol)
Fuel in litres and gallons, weight in kg unless it's weighing people then it's stone and lbs, speed in mph, milk and beer in pints, temperature in Celsius unless you're older then it's in Fahrenheit. It's simple :p

There's probs loads I'm missing.

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