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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
My broadband speed should be 152Mbps down and 12 up. However, over the last couple of weeks I have been testing speeds on a more regular basis. I don't usually run a test unless there is a problem and the other week we lost connection for about half a day. When tested I got about 200+ down and 15 up. It then went down to normal.

To be honest, I don't need 152 down, the reason I wanted the speed was for the uploads. When you have to upload 500 photos, even when they have been cropped and reduced in file size it was taking a while. With the 12Mbps up it was saving about half an hour as I wouldn't have queue them and then spend time to check they had all uploaded as I could see they had gone. Playing about with video also shows what a pain low upload speeds are. Even uploading "hi res" photos to Flikr can take some time so, again, a faster up speed would be appreciated.

The one big advantage of download speed is for on demand TV, or downloading an HD film on iTunes.

Doing a test this morning I got the result below. That is the highest I have seen on my iPad over Wifi 802.11ac rather than 802. 11n. I've tried servers further away and that did result in a slightly lower result but not significant difference.

Apparently I'm on the trial with Virgin Media testing the move to 300Mbps. Though there is the big pipe coming down it still relies on what the server at the other end is capable of feeding. Not sure if it affects gaming or not. Would probably say that recently I've not been able to hit as much as usual. I probably need to check settings on the mouse and so on to see if that makes any difference.

Just wondering what other folk have broadband wise and what sort of settings they use got mouse sensitivity and if it makes any difference. With some many variables it may not be possible to come to a definitive answer.


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ohhhh 275/15 ....fuck off... lol

here in my town is actualy just 16mb down with 1mb upload possible. i am just pissed currently with this broadband because nowadays you have even more stuff in the house who hanging into the net.

- TV
- amazon fire box
- different phones
- worst case, 2 PC´s and one laptop

if you will stream some youtube/movies with cromecast to the TV you are fucked lol
uploading pics is really a pain in the arse with 1mb upload speed. so i am waiting for a solution with more broadband i can have here.
Sorry, wasn't mean to be a mine is bigger than yours (but see image below for PC speeds :D ).

We have loads of connected devices (about 20 devices including PCs, heating thermostat and so on) but as there is only two of us there isn't a lot of competition for bandwidth for streaming. Does fast internet have an affect on gaming though.


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laka all you need is patience. :) Btw that loading pics OUT of your computer is so unnatural lol, normally pics/videos comes IN my computer. :rolleyes:

When i was teen kid living at countryside near one little town we had crappy ADSL connection what was best possible available there at early 2000's. We had 2 computers, one for my parents use in office room and one for me in my room. Downloading of dvd-rip quality porn took days so i had to leave my computer and torrent program on when i sleep, go to school or gym etc. My parents were often wondering why intenet connection was always so slow. :D :D I said always something like "I dont know, hopefully its just temporary... Btw i just remember i have to go do thing x now bye" and when i went back to my room magically connection started work better. :rolleyes:
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I think I have the same as Glen but with this reading.
I had an email problem and was speaking with someone from Virgin. Asked them why my speed was greater than normal and they confirmed that I was on the 300Mbps trial. Hope they don't look too close at my downloads. Downloaded the BF4 CTE again which took about 35 minutes.

Made a few changes to the mouse settings and some of the in-game options and found that made more difference than I expected. Wish I had written down what I had changed so I could tweak them further. Certainly felt it was better than before. Andy said that he uses a low dpi on the mouse and I tried that. Felt that was a bit too slow for me. 3,500 dpi may be a bit too twitchy so I may drop it down a bit to see what that feels like.
AHHHHHH.....just standing in the corner any crying....

mouse DPI is really importent. i have a button on my mouse for fast switching the dpi. this is really helpfull because just in vehicles its easier to play with higher dpi 3200( turning the canon ) but as soldier you need a lower one. here i prever around 2000 normaly.
Never really thought that mouse settings would make a difference. Having a button to change settings would be really bad when I have trouble remembering WASD! Only just found out what V does!

Don't feel bad about your speeds. My Mum who lives in London only gets 3.2Mbps down and if she is lucky 0.5Mbps up! And that is only if the wind is a NE and the sun is shining!
Damn lak my speeds are faster just by a little I get 29md down 1.29up
mouse DPI is really importent. i have a button on my mouse for fast switching the dpi. this is really helpfull because just in vehicles its easier to play with higher dpi 3200( turning the canon ) but as soldier you need a lower one. here i prever around 2000 normaly.

I have too 3 settings in my mouse what i can change with 2 little buttons. Highest sensitivity i use when flying jets, so its very rare becouse i suck and i get bored when flying forever alone on sky. Never used jets again after i got needed Air superiority -ribbons and jet kills for Phantom stuff and couple other assignments. All other vehicles and infantry gameplay i play with medium sensitivity of mouse. Sensitivity in game options are something like 75 (infantry) and 90 (vehicles). :p
If I'm alone I get about 90 down and 10 up (fibre with nominal speed 100/10), if the other three meatballs are home surfing etc. I get more like 60/7. The prize of having a family but the two cats haven't started yet so I shouldn't complain.

I'm house hunting at the moment and trying to move to somewhere that is fibre enabled which will allow me to get on 100mb download, 10mb upload speeds.

**So I've moved now, my new results below**

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