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Only news from Scotland was that I saw someone (other than me) driving and correctly using their indicators! Usually they only seem to use them when they are in "f**k it I'm going to park here" mode and use all four.
Re : Breaking news

OMG ! An endangered driver species ! Have you taken any pictures !?
They are rare here too whereas they could lost 2 points on their driving licence every time (2 points per day so no more licence in 1 week !) !
Biker speech who only has 4 points left, mostly lost in truck and some fùç%!ñ£ ones in car, with 1 or 2 km/h above the speed limit ...
Every time I see a driver being twatty I just think of leaping out of the car, waiting for it to get next to the other car, and then BOOOOM! I just can't stand drivers who are stupid. As an example, I nearly hit a Nissan Juke last night on the way to pick the wife up from the station. Why?, well I didn't see it. Again why? Well, it was a narrow road, the other car was in the middle, did I mention it was black and had no lights on? Just stupid and obviously wanted to win a Darwin award. How the hell could they see where they were going? Maybe they had super powers or night vision goggles on?
Speaking of bad driving habits - well, you have to try driving in Israel if you want your adrenaline to rise :D lol

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