Bread Pudding

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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
This is an old recipe that my and Isobel's parents and grandparents used to make. You can use old bread to make a really tasty pudding.

Bread Pudding

• 230gm Stale bread
• 85gm dried fruit
• 60gm margarine
• 56gm sugar
• 1 level tablespoon golden syrup
• 1 egg
• 1 level teaspoon of mixed spice
• 1 level teaspoon of ground ginger
• ½ level teaspoon bicarbonate soda
• 3 tablespoon milk

1. Soak bread in cold water for 30 mins
2. Drain and squeeze bread
3. Beat with fork to remove any lumps
4. Add melted margarine, dry ingredients, syrup and egg
5. Dissolve bicarb in milk and add to mixture
6. Beat well
7. Turn into a greased 1litre pie dish and bake at 190C for 1 hour

IMG 2481 IMG 2489 IMG 2491
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The definition is either:

1. cooked sweet dish served after the main course of a meal
2. a sweet or savoury steamed dish made with suet and flour

Trouble with English is that a word can have so many meanings. The bread pudding could be almost a cake as you should be able to slice it once cooked. I'll add a photo of it once it has cooled a bit. It smells great! First time I have tried it as we found the recipe yesterday in a book. This was actually made with panatone so is probably a bit lighter than usual.
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IMG 2494 Just tried it and it is very nice. The centre is quite moist with the edges being firmer and crisper.

That looks a nice desert. The only steamed pudding I could find was the Austrian germknoedel.

We get Fanny though.... a very scary lady.

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Fanny decorated that the same way as she puts her makeup on :whistle:

Painted eyebrows seem to be back in fashion. Given how long ago she was on shows how different more recent cooking shows have changed from that. Plus the arrival of YouTube also means that even more complicated cooking techniques can be watched and then tried at home.
I think your "pudding" translates more to our "dessert" or something you have after the main course but before the cheese & biscuits and port.

To be honest I would hate to learn English as a second language. There are so many ways of spelling words that are not obvious.
I think your "pudding" translates more to our "dessert"

yes, i think so. how do you call the "pudding rack" at the supermarket??

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Now with brandy cream!

IMG 1273
--- Post updated ---
lol nope or maybe we could start a tast challange over the hole rack lol

I'll take the yoghurts then. Something about German yogurt that is different to a lot of the stuff we get. Nice and smooth (probably like most Germans then :) ).
mhhh. with brandy cream it looks even more tasty.

joghurt is always a nice stuff. we doing our own joghurt for a long time now. you only need some joghurt starter like that one
Amazon product ASIN B00BGPFWYCmilk and a simple joghurt maker like that:
Amazon product ASIN B003CT3YGIso we have always some nice and tasty joghurt in the freezer and you can mix it up with honey, chokolate grate, also strawberry marmelade with some banana pieces mhhhh
mhhh. with brandy cream it looks even more tasty.

joghurt is always a nice stuff. we doing our own joghurt for a long time now. you only need some joghurt starter like that one

Added to my wish list for the new year. Will need another freezer soon!

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