Bordeaux : river, wine, sea, ... , slavery !

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21 Sep 2013
Bordeaux, FR
Here are some pics (none of mine but web finds !) to introduce my town and region where I'm living:

Bordeaux place de la bourse with tram 5387975379 1fd1c7d7b6 o 8852056012 c2e0ffc1ea o

7 Pont dAquitaine   Lormont LeVerdon Comanav Delmas Chc3a2teauglanet61 2

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1 : Market Place (Place de la Bourse) with the tramway - 2 : The Garonne river and the Stone Bridge (Pont de Pierre) and a barge carrying a Airbus A380 part (empty on the picture !) - 3 : The new rising bridge called Chaban-Delmas, a former mayor
4 : The Aquitaine Bridge, 6th longest bridge in France - 5 : Le Verdon port, our little containers terminal, on the extreme north - 6 : Grape-vines, what you can see 100km around Bordeaux !
7 : Arcachon basin, 1 hour by car, cool water, at high tide - 8 : Pilat Dune, the highest sand dune in Europe (110m), facing the Arguin sandbench - 9 : Pilat dune, on the other side, eating the Landes forest
Woah, really like that bridge! Pretty high, makes me want to jump off it ( for fun, not to die, lol ) :D Those dunes are sweet as well, perfect for sandboarding :)
Re : Bordeaux : river, wine, sea, ... , slavery !

The 2 bridges ar up to ~50m above the river ! Go bungee jumping !!!


The Pilat Dune is a paragliding base. Too many tourists to slide down on a board !
We ahve wine there, we have sea where are the famous beautiful French Girls ? That is all you Need, beach and nice Lady with you ! :)

Looks nice spliffy, it is wonderful to be Close to sea side. Though I think quite stormy at the Moment ? Our ships are sheltering as crossing Bay of Biscay pretty bad at the moment.
Re : Bordeaux : river, wine, sea, ... , slavery !

Never heard about german wine !!... WE have wine and Fran├žois, YOU have... cars and Angela !!!

I've got my personal beautiful French girl ! Have a look to the beach maybe !!!...
You forget : motorbike, bends, weed !

You' re right : really stormy at the moment ! Wind (moderated in the land) and grounds full of water : many floods in Britain !
And 200Km to the South of Bordeaux:

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