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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
We have been trying to book a week long holiday for June for a little while now. The main issue is that Iz can generally only get a whole week off with maybe a Friday or Monday tagged on. From up here though most package holiday only fly mid-week (not that we usually do package).

So, looking at flights, one said it was £86 to Köln. So £172 wasn't too bad for both. Oh, you want to take bags! Another £56 each so that is £284. If you check-in at the airport that is £15, OK we will check-in on line so that is £17 to pick a seat!!! So now we are up to £352. Want a meal on the plane? Another £40 for both of us! So a final total of £392. Utter bandits. It isn't just the likes of Ryan Air either it is BA too. Even if we look at flying from London it can cost the same £380 just to get to London.

So we thought about Ireland. Ferry from Liverpool to Dublin costs about £480 for car and us and takes about 10 hours. From Glasgow to Belfast takes over an hour but still costs £300+. Eurotunnel is about £150 for car and us. For a Eurotunnel day trip we have paid about £20.

Also looked at the outer Hebrides. You can get a ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick overnight. Tried to get a price but missed a field on the web page. Filled in the missed field and had to add the car details again. But it didn't delete the original car. Wouldn't allow me to delete a car but it did add another!! Eventually gave up when there was 9 cars in the booking and the cost was over £15k. Sorry but if you can't get a web site to work I don't to be on your ferry.

Another web site pain is the order they ask for information. You get what country, where in that country, what type of accommodation, how many people, what airport, what dates - sorry not available start again. It doesn't even remember what choices you made so what the feck is the point of cookies?

We looked at some of the Eastern European counties. They wanted £1.5k each for accommodation that wasn't that great (no offence for anyone who lives there).

So we are still looking at options but it is no wonder travel companies are going broke if they try and rip every single penny from your wallet.
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Nearly £450 on Germanwings to Köln direct. Lufthansa £507 (via Frankfurt with the second part on a train!!!!!). I thought Luft meant "fly" so shouldn't that be luftzughansa then???

Can actually do it on the train for £330!!! Accommodation looks a bit iffy though. :)

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