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NRU Heed
hope it right named with "blackbirds". in germany they are called "amseln" or "drosseln".

last year we had a pair of them breeding nearly at the same position of our hedge.

this pics are from 10. april:
2015 04 10 084045

and this one from today. so only 4 days later. impressive evolution.

2015 04 14 191520
I'm sure when have nests on the bushes and hedge that we have but have never seen any that are visible as there are too many cats about. Once they hatch though we do tend to hear and then see them. The birds around here are also just starting to build nests as they are gathering materials. I suspect that like most things in the garden we are about a month behind what you southerners are seeing at the moment.
I hate birds and they hates me too: They are disgusting like flying rats what eats crap, repeats annoying noises when i have hangover and they always shits on my car. :banned:

Only birds i like are AH-6J Littlebird and Desert Eagle .44 :rolleyes:
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You guys are using cameras wrong, they are made for making of porn not taking pics of birds. :(
I can just imagine that disappointment some day when here is thread Pics about chicks at beach or something like that and then its just birds. :p

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