Black Car - Struggle To Keep It Clean Longer Than 2 Days Lol

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NRU Member
10 Dec 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Hello cocks, I'm loosing my mind, my new Phantom Black Pearl Audi a4 is getting dirty so quickly, I wash it mostly at home with a kärcher mini wash and some kärcher shampoo, water without the ugly ''stone'' thing, dunno how it's called, the white thing that stays after the water evaporates lol, anyways the car is clean until I drive it for like 2-3days and boom full of dust :(
So yea, I guess there's no help since I bought a black car I should've expect that it would get dirty quickly, but if someone knows some tricks, let me know :p
Also the car has been painted 3 Months ago if it means anything :v


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
You should speak to Andy as he had a black BMW and he was a keen car washer.

I washed mine in February. Next wash will probably be February (maybe 2019). I thought that was what rain was for anyway! I think dirt adds character to a car and when you don’t have anything fancy it helps disguise the looks - a bit like makeup for cars. Wash the dirt off and :eek: that is ugly. I do wash bird crap off though as that is criminally toxic and the neighbours have a starling nest just above where I park the car and it must be a case of shit before going shit on the way out of their nest.

The idea of a decent wax job is probably a good idea. Also for the car too. :) Pressure washing too much isn’t great for the paint longer term.

If drying is the problem I would hand wash. Start with the roof - wash and rinse. Then lower panels working around the car. That avoids the detergent drying before being rinsed and chammying it. By the time you faff around with the jet washer you could have done a fair bit of the car.

White cars are the same - show dirt like anything. Stick to grey coloured cars as dirt isn’t as noticeable.

My greatest achievement was my red Mk2 Escort, after a week and 2000 miles through Welsh, Scottish forests and the Lake District there wasn’t one place where you could tell what the colour of the car was. :D


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15 Mar 2012
Bad Rappenau
I drive now nearly 20 Years Black Cars, so thats my achievements :
- Your girlfriend is jealous, then you spend more time to Stroke the varnish with a sponge or cloth.
- Drunk Guys never find the Car in the Dark.
- Your Car are at least never realy clean.
- Black are for Birds a free invitation to fully poop it.

and at least:

I am still overwhelmed, as Andy cleans his car. @Andy sorry Mate but you are my personal Cleaning Car hero, never seen a Man that cleans his car with this ador.
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