biketour around my hometown

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NRU Heed
was on a short biketrip last weekend with my boy. surely i had the cam on my bike :) because its really boring to see how 2 guys riding around 1 hours i speed it up to 500% so you can see the trip even faster. lol

You usually only sit in a car Sascha, so 1 hour bike tour? I guess you used a E-bike. :)
Just kidding ;)
Half expected you to leap off the bike at 06:19 and then see the car blow up! Enjoyed the video - reminded me of a few of the roads we have been on over there.
What camera did you use? Is that GoPro lookalike that you got any good as I was looking for a second cheap camera.
Fair enough. I've seen one for about £45 which comes with a load of mounting stuff as well which is probably worth that. Doesn't have wifi but that doesn't matter as it is only going to be used when mounted on the car or similar it can be just started and left running. On a car mount you don't really notice and shake and I have the two gimbals for hand held stuff.
for that money it is a really good choice.
i will get some new cams from my company next month for testing. we get a new version which had the same chips as the gopro inside and also are compatible to the gopro accessories. also some semiprofessional cam-drones so i will have a lot to do to try out this stuff and playing around. :D
If you need anyone to help test with drones....

Still toying with the idea of building a drone rather than buying something like the DJI. If you crash it (as inevitably I would) you know what parts are needed to repair it.

There are a few features in the GoPro 4 that would be nice to have especially the night options but the cost is a bit too high! I'll wait until the 5 comes out and buy a reduced price 4 then.

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