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22 Jul 2014
Good evening all,

after some rounds on your server and getting around in your teamspeak for some time i couldn´t resist joining your HP.
Thanks to the admin that made it possible manually.

I´m a so called "silver player" being 48 Y/o. Living in Cologne (Ger) and playing bf 2 for about 7,5 years. Being too slow for a front row killer i prefer playing in the second row, doing some tactics and take care of my squad.

I appreciate your no Fly policy cause i cant handle this flying stuff and this rule balances out the system a bit more. I really like the map rotation . I hate playing endlessly Karkand....

anyway i need some time to find all the right buttons to accomodate myself here on your HP, profile and so on....

see you on the battlefield

welcome mr mok XD now dont worry about all those buttons if you need advice just ask mr scatha or mr. baggie or mr. killroy, theyr just as old as you so that should work ;-) XD
Welcome on the forum mate. The next German on the site ;-)
Welcome Mok !

Guys, in the end I have the Impression the closure of BF2 for a Moment might be even a win for NRU. More and more People come by on our page as it seems our Server was one of the few really keeping People informed and now helps People to return back. Good work all involved !
Hello bfmok, welcome to NRU.
I have already had the pleasure of meeting you several times on the battlefield and all I can say is that you are a very fair player.

Have a good time. :)
Thanks for the warm wellcome and your impression of me being a fair player. After the shutdown of gamespy some interested players are indeed looking for a new homeserver. I like your concept and quite a few of my friends and me have had already some big times on it. see you then...

Hey mok,,,,,, altes Haus,,, schön dich hier zu sehen......

Hoffe wir machen noch viele schöne Spiele mit einander....

mok ,,,,, das ist hier die beste HP die ich kenne.....



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