BFBC2 revisited


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15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
As you know I’m not very fond of BF1 nor BFV and sure, BF4 ist still fun and also BF3 but I’ve tried BFBC2 lately as a ”test”. Well, the soldier movement is a bit clunky and some features of later games are missing but still, it brings back the joy of BF that the latter games are missing. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is (as with what makes the later games boring (IMHO) but it’s quite remarkable that such an old game can still be so fun, at least for this old fart ;).

Anyone else have an itch to try? :)


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I dip into BFV as it is OK for short spells but still lacks the fun of BF4 still has. It is really hard work though. BF1 was probably the wrong era to go for as a new game as it is quite limiting in terms of weapons if you are being true to the period. BFV's WWII era would have been a better choice with BF1 then becoming an add-on like Hardline.

I don't think it is being an old fart liking older games. IF you look at the arcade games of old like space invaders etc. they had simple game play but were hours of fun. Other games too are have fun first but still have an enjoyable time. BF1 and BFV seem to have lost the plot with it is a game first and not a career. Also getting endless skins for weapons doesn't make them any better whereas the add-ons for weapons in BF3 and BF4 does help to find a setup that suits you.

Will download BFBC2 once I remember what my steam password is and will give it a go.