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NRU Heed
last days it shown up that the server is running well with all DLC maps in rotation. but maybe its a bit to mutch maps if we running them all. because of that i would like to have your opinion what maps should be in rotation.

every NRU or even non NRU can post his most liked maps. so also our regular player can say what the like to play. :)

here is a overview of all maps so please post your top 10 of the maps.
Battlefield 4 maps

at the end we can put the most liked maps into our rotation.
1. Lancang dam
2. Siege of Shanghai
3. Zavod 311
4. Propaganda
5. Hammerhead
6. Operation Mortar
7. Rogue Transmission
8. Dawnbreaker
9.Golmud Railway
10. Operation Metro
I`m happy with whatever rotation you guys run, still play maps i hate on NRU server, other server not so much lol :D

Edit: Should think i would love Locker and Metro since im a grunt, but RPG and Grenade spamming ruin them for me! :(
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See that fence? Yep, that is me sitting on it.

My favourites are:

  1. Flood Zone
  2. Hainan
  3. Dawnbreaker
  4. Caspian
  5. Whiteout
  6. Dragon Valley
  7. Firestorm
  8. Operation Outbreak
  9. Golmud
  10. Hammerhead
  11. The dam one
  12. The other snowy one
  13. And the other snowy one
  14. And the one that is a bit snowy with the river.
Dislike Shanghai with a passion.

I've had a lot of fun playing all the DLC maps again. Though you remember them you don't know them so well you can play them blindfolded!
1 Locker
2 Hainan
3 Dawnbreaker
4 Dragon Valley
5 Golmud
6 Outbreak
7 Floodzone
8 Lancang Dam
9 Metro
10 Shanghai
11 Test Range :LOL:
than post your favorite maplist so silkroad will get into rotation :D
1. Silkroad
2. Hainan
3. Zavod (day/night i don't care)
4. Locker
5. Golmud
6. Dam
7. ShanGAY
8. Oman
9. Firestorm
10. Propaganda
Random maps i had in my mind that i do like and don't mind.
The others i probably don't remember.
Less like the hard snowy windy maps, difficult on my eyes...
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Siege of Shanghai
Golmud Railway
Rouge Transmission
Operation Firestorm
Caspian Border
Silk Road
Altai Range
Pearl Market
Sunken Dragon
Dragon Pass
1. Operation Locker
2. Operation Metro
3. Pearl Market
4. Operation Mortar
5. Lost Islands
6. Rogue Transmission
7. Dawnbreaker
8. Paracel Storm
9. Gulf Of Oman
10. Flood Zone
this is the result so far. feel free to post some more opinions :)

zavod night l
hainan resort llll
floodzone lllll
caspian boarder lllll
operation firestorm lllll
pearl market llll
dragon valley lll
gulf of oman l
hammerhead llll
hangar l
siege of shanghai llllll
golmud lllllll
rogue llll
silk lll
altai range ll
sunken dragon ll
dragon pass ll
locker lll
metro lll
mortar lll
lost island l
downbreaker lllll
paracel storm l
gulf of oman ll
zavod ll
lancang dam llll
propaganda lll
outbreak ll
whiteout l
guilin peaks l
wavebreaker l
and this would be the current map vote:

1. golmud lllllll
2. siege of shanghai llllll
3. floodzone lllll
4. caspian boarder lllll
5. operation firestorm lllll
6. downbreaker lllll
7. hainan resort llll
8. pearl market llll
9. rogue llll
10. hammerhead llll
11. lancang dam llll
12. dragon valley lll
13. locker lll
14. metro lll
15. mortar lll
silk lll
altai range ll
sunken dragon ll
dragon pass ll
gulf of oman l
zavod night l
hangar l
lost island l

not sure how many maps we should have in rotation at the end?
I''d go for the top 14 (we can always add some of the others if any folks need them for assignments). And by top 14 I was excluding Shanghai. :)

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