Bf4 Server Is 64 Slots Now

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NRU Heed
the current setup was a 50 slot server. so this means 48+2 commander for around 50.- € / month. i was looking to increase the slots to have 2 spectator slots to get a better view on all player and in this way i saw its cheaper to get a full 68 slot server ( 64 player, 2 com and 2 spectator ) because its only 10.- € more.

now we can see how we like a 64 slot server. for my own i am not sure if i like it or not so give it a try :D

i hope that the increase of the slots also brings up some positive effect how long the server is running in ranked. after every roundchange mostly 10-15 player leaving and with 64 player it is not so drastic as on the 48 slot server. hopefully this means more runtime for the server and in best case for 24 hours. :D
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