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26 Aug 2012
Hey guys,

So I tried to buy premium earlier this evening only to find that no matter what I tried, EA didn't want to accept my money. I tried various methods of payment only to be greeted with an error message telling me to either use a different payment method or try again later.


I contacted EA via chat and phone who didn't really seem that bothered. They told me I'd been given the highest priority grading and somebody would email me within 14 days... 14 DAYS!!!

So I'm stuck without Premium until they can be arsed to contact me.

Pretty pissed off to be honest!

You probably ain't missing anything!
I haven't got it yet...but probably will cos i'm a mug!
lmao Mari -))
And Dark mate, I e-mailed EA once three times and never got an answer...
The only thing I can think to add is..... why the fuck would you want to waste your money on premium???
Hmmz. I have the digital deluxe version.. So I already get the first DLC. If I get premium now I will pay for the 1st DLC again!

They should give a discount to premium for Digital Deluxe owners...
Lol some people are even more scrooges than me and i have to say to my defence im damn poor. :D If you anyway are forced buy expansions to join fun with other NRU-cocks why not buy Premium and that's it? It's about 10€/Expansion pack and you get all bonus battlepacks, benefit in server queques etc. Premium is way better deal than buy single expansions when they comes out.
Looks cool but i was hoping other maps than Gulf of Oman and Metro. Metro is choke point camping shit... And Gulf of Oman sucks often becouse that unbalanced map design and teambalance what sucks 80% of time anyway. That would propably cause it you can't reach the land becouse of flying whores if you are US and your uncap is carrier. And lots of open area between flags no cover is tank whores wet dream. Only hope survive as inf guy is stay at construction site or city or hotel area. :D
What's pissed me off the most is the fact that EA don't give a shit! I'm trying to buy something that will give them extra profit and yet they are just so lackadaisical about it.

The guy I spoke with really couldn't be arsed to talk.

I've done further research online and this is a BIG problem apparently, best bit is from what I've read about 50% of customers with this problem didn't even get a reply from EA.

It's shocking and shit!
Lol just go to store and buy download-code?

Couple things about Secound Assault and Levolution-changes to old maps i spotted from trailers i saw:

- Metro: There is possible destroy hole to roof of tunnel and there will be water. Also there is elevators to give more routes move foward and chance get lights off added.
- Caspian border: That tower of Antenna-flag can explode and at checkpoint-flag there is barricades blocking moving of armors.
- Gulf of Oman: There is sandstorm.
Metro!!! Love it!! Best map!!
You guys will never understand the beauty of Metro.

I Do. Without grenades, launchers + RPG that is :)

Exactly, my fave, only guns... not all weapons as that is bad...almost impossible!

The thing I like about Metro is that the whole team has to move up together or a very large group to progress.
It's like those old battle scenes you see in films. You are trying to move forward meter by meter.
i think it looks pretty damned good alot less choke points

- - - Updated - - -


Wow look they learned how to get rid of the shit blue tint to all the maps, fucking finally!
All those maps look amazing but Caspian border looks really nice
Think Mari will really like the new Metro

yeap new metro looks better more ways to come up the stairs ! And in Rush mode the fire looks really nice which you can set to the gras

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