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28 Jun 2020
[Updated 21st, March, 2021] (again I'm a bit late oops)

Free VIP slot:

- Get 30 days of free VIP slot (not only reserved slot) for each order on our new NRU fanshop.

Spectator mode:

- Joining as spectator is now only available for NRU and VIP members.

Wild wednesday event:

- New maplist created - with more CQ maps.

CQ - Conquest (large)
CAL - Carrier Assault Large
CTF - Capture The Flag
TDM - Team Death Match
CL - Chain Link
GM - Gun Master
OB - Obliteration
R - Rush

Dawnbreaker - R
Flood Zone - GM
Golmud Railway - CQ
Lancang Dam - OB
Operation Locker - CQ
Rogue Transmission - R
Siege of Shanghai - CQ
Siege of Shanghai - R
Zavod 311 - CQ
Operation Outbreak - GM
Dragon Pass - CQ
Guilin Peaks - CQ
Silk Road - TDM
Altai range - OB
Caspian Border 2014 - CTF
Op Firestorm 2014 - R
Operation Metro - CQ
Gulf Of Oman 2014 - OB
Hangar 21 - TDM
Giants Of Karelia - R
Lumphini Garden - CTF
Lumphini Garden - R
Pearl Market - CL
Propaganda - CL
Propaganda - TDM
Sunken Dragon - CTF
Wave Breaker - CAL
Wave Breaker - TDM
Lost Islands - CAL
Nansha Strike - TDM

K/D whitelist:
  • Added ZELL clan
  • Added 74974954
  • Added NotoriousMaximus

Fixed issues:
  • Fixed lot of things after the last update of the server, all should be ok now.
  • Unbanned cocka after a new yellow cock pressed the button.
  • If there is any issue with the new wednesday maplist, blame @leandre0310 as he made it himself :whistle:;)
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Proud noob
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28 Jun 2020
[Updated 27th, March, 2021]

Console messages:
  • Deleted automated regular messages for non-NRU members to clear the chat.
  • Removed discord plugin as it was never working and spamming unnecessarily.

Wild wednesday event:
  • Swaped Altai Range OB to Hainan Resort OB.
  • Swaped Gulf of Oman OB to Operation Locker OB.

Special sunday event:
  • 28th, March, 2021, hardcore.
  • 4th, April, 2021, mixed modes.


- Plugin is now back and running on the server.

K/D whitelist:

- Added lJoker666l
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