BF4 pale greennscreen of death

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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Had this a few times now. Seems to be when I occasionally get a kill I lose "sight". Map, chat and movement commands all work but just get this. Have done a rebuild and also checked for/installed latest video drivers but still sometimes get it. I suspect that it is more game related than anything else as everything else works OK outside of BF4 and within. Getting killed or suicide clears it!


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    bf4 2014-01-27 15-59-56-48.jpg
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yeah I heard about this its basically because the game is shit & was rushed out b4 it was ready so they could beat cod to the market........ fucking EA wank sacks
Had never experienced this until the last couple of days. Checked updates and nothing had changed (drivers/progs/etc. that I can find) so it is just strange that it has started to occur.
Tried new driver and not had it since. Still strange that it is only the first person view that is affected though.
This is when someone brings the skyscraper down on Shangai or goign outside on Operation lockers ! ? ! :)
new nividia beta driver... broke my bf2 ^^ i have strange graphical bugs now :D looks a bit like being on a strange party ^^
i know what you mean Steffos! i too took the same drugs as you, er i mean went to the same party ;)

Marenghi that is a strange look. Bug seems to set quality to low and make it square too. (oh, that is BF2, sorry).

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