bf4 "netcodefix"

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NRU Heed
i tried this yesterday and i mean its working. got a better hitreg and all in one a smoother gameplay.

sorry its only in german but its a video. so i think you can see how it works.

Ja Ja...Apart from the pretty pics I understood about neine precent of that vid !
Ah.... tbh I didnt make it that far :/

it was all 'frankfurters, lederhosen and deckchair stealing' up to then
I didn't really bother to watch but are they telling you to change your mtu to fix the netcode??
Uhhhh I have a feeling this is placebo....

Windows Vista onwards TCP/IP stack has the capability to automatically detect the optimum largest MTU under the reg key EnablePMTUDiscovery

Edit: careful what you do as messing with it can screw you if it's set too low or too high
ill try ;) i doubt that it works but who knows ;)

i can always revert it
I'm not sure if it will work unless you set EnablePMTUDiscovery to 0 in your registry not sure if that's in the video
I think this is what you have to do from the video:

In the command console (click on the start, type CMD and it should appear at the top of the list, right click and run as administrator and you should see the C:\WINDOWS\system32> prompt)

My comments will be in brackets ()
Windows 7/8 - as I couldn't get the commands shown in the video to work as is I've given the win 8 version too

It is possible to cut and paste the commands into the console. Copy the commands to notepad and edit them to remove any comments or extra brackets, highlight and copy the command. In the console, right click and show should get the option to paste, select that and then press <enter>

Windows 7?: netsh interface ipv4 subinterfaces
Windows 8: netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces

(Note the figures for the three readings 4 0 and 4 in the video and also the interface name). I'm assuming you should get a Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 <0% loss> as an ideal result - please edit as required if I have misunderstood the video.

ping -f -l 1472

(note the readings) (-l is a little L )

(Repeat, gradually lowering the number. Once you get a lower but stable reading do the following command where "Ethernet" is the name you noted at the beginning)

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Ethernet" mtu=1452 store=persistent

You should then get an "Ok." response
Hope that helps.
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Only tried it in BF3 as BF4 is just crashing the PC all the time at the moment. That seems to work OK. Checked the setting after a reboot and it does appear to be a persistent setting.
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You can do this in an easier way using tools such as

!!Btw you should also be adding 28 onto your result for the IP and ICMP headers if you're doing it through pinging in cmd (that is pretty important if you want the real best MTU) Normally for PPoE it will be 1492 in total and I think Cable is normally 1500. DSL, ADSL and SDSL vary.!!
Managed a few rounds with a new setting and I would say the game did feel different. Noticeably, longer shots seemed to get hits whereas before they wouldn't. Because each round is different it isn't possible to be anything other than subjective.
sry. the computer noob has to ask again. what the fuck is mtu?
is it a part of computer that was built in afrika? is it the short form for Ngama Mtullu?
after some days playing i have to say i see really a improvement. just with my mg4 i have a better hitreg and its pretty deadly over long distance.

i do not play always serious but if, i can end the round with some awesome kills that who i think i don´t had it before.

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