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3 Apr 2019
Hi all,

I love the fact that current map rotation contains DLC maps but I have noticed a lot of snowy maps such as Whiteout.

Apart from the fact that they make me feel cold while playing them :) most of my favourite maps dont seem ro be on teh rotation.

Is there any chance of considering Operation Outbreak, Guilin Peaks or Dragon Valley?
Lots of nice warm green scenery and usually very good hard fought rounds.

I would be interested to see what other people's favourites are.
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I think the maps are organised by DLC when below a certain number of players and when the numbers increased other maps are added until such a time when the player numbers drop.

Outbreak and Valley are both free for all so should be OK. Will have a look at adding them in with the DLC list.

I don’t have any real favourites but If I had to choose it would be Hainan just for SUAVability. Esp. the roof

Least favourites are probably where there are ‘copters but no AA. It can just really get annoying if they are really dominant though I manage to resist the ‘Oh did you get balanced <whistles>’ option.🤫

It is nice when you get a map pop up that you haven’t played for a while though and it is still surprising when you find something you hadn’t seen before.
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15 Mar 2012
the maps are organized into out map manager and it will swap the maplist depending on player count. lower 33 player = vanilla maps -> over 33 = DLC maps.

i will have a look in the evening to set the DLC maps to all so all maps should be in rotation.
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