BF4 Issues.. Any ideas?

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15 Mar 2012
Like the game but I seem to have some serious issues :(

Loading times are seriously bugged. Sometimes I have to wait for 5+ minutes until the map is loaded. with BF3 I was always in very quickly. As I'm running the game with an SSD I don't understand why it takes so long!

When joined the game, I can't DEPLOY in the game. The button deosn't seem to work. Also having trouble joining squads, button issues once again.

When I finally manage to deploy, I have ound issues many times. Only sounds that are really close seem to work, everthing a little further away doesn't. It's really scary to walk in a totally silent battlefield when you see explosions everywhere.

Running latest drivers, everything is up to date. Repair install found 0 issues.

Don't know what to do next...
loading times seem to be game issue also sound issues are common as are game crash so I think u are just having usual BF experience, welcome to battlefield soldier...lmao
Sad to hear :( Right now I have been trying to get in a game for nearly 90 minutes, still no success :(
Lakaelo mentioned to try a different screen mode, so I did.

The DEPLOY button in 'fullscreen' and 'windowed' mode don't work for me. Only in 'Borderless' I can sometimes spawn. The button works once every 50 clicks or so... Better than nothing ?

Anyway I have to pause my online gaming until these issues are solved.. Not being able to deploy is so frustrating!!
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I think Enter is spawn deploy button. :p That sound bug is common, mostly it appears when that railroad map is going. And some people says collapsing of middle building of Shangai Siege causes game crashes to random players every time.
Hey Guys,

I've just played a whole game on NRU without any problems.

I've uninstalled Punkbuster and reinstalled it. Disabled my AVAST anti virus.

Seemed to work for me, will try another game soon and hope it stays OK!
Last night the same problems occured, couldn't spawn with DEPLOY button, spacebar or enter. Load times went berserk, I kept getting kicked from the game.

Only difference with the problems I had before is that now I saw a reason for kick: punkbuster.A issues. I find this very stange as I uninstalled and reinstalled punkbuster just one day before. Why does it get corrupt one day after??

Now im forced to uninstall, reinstall and update again and again. It's like a never ending story.
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What was the exact reason?
Launch the game, open the Taskmanager and look if both PunkbusterA.exe and PunkbusterB.exe are running.
I also have Avast and I have no probs with PB (BF2+BF3) so I dont think it has something to do with Avast.
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lol every bf was a fucking full of bugs to the time of release but this might be the worst time of all ;)

they should have develop half a year more to fix all that shit ;) but thats EA lol

and it seems to get this style with more and more games ...

They develop games and let the testingphase being made by the guys who buyed the game !

And wtf who else could do that in softwaredevelopement any other company would be fired by their employers!

I want a ready software if i buy it for such a high price !

And i probably wait half a year next time before i buy the next BF, because i always get angry when my game crashes ;) and thats every second game or even less.

If only the next patch would come...
just thought to post it here ;)

I changed my bf4 settings... now game crahses with every start

any idea how to change it outside the game?
lol after 2nd pc restart works again ;) seems fixed
yeah I get that a lot teo, bizarrely tho on our server more than any others. don't hold ur breath steffos as long as they sell millions of copies at launch they will continue to use the buying public as there testers!

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