Bf4 Hardcore Weekend

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NRU Heed
so after some pisitive feedback, i switched the server into hardcore mode this morning.

honestly, i did not play often in that mode but it looks quite interesting.

- Limited HUD
- Lack of health, ammunition, and grenade count displays
- Inability to switch to third-person view in vehicles
- Absence of crosshairs
- Hit Markers are disabled.
- Visual blood splatter from damage will fade but health will not regenerate
3D spotting is disabled; spotting does not display a red triangle above enemies. Spotted enemies are only marked on the map.
- Minimap is disabled by default.
- 60% health, rather than the usual 100%, while taking the same amount of damage.
- Motion sensing capabilities of T-UGS and the Motion Sensor are less useful, as without a minimap, the player will have to pull up the large map overlay to check for enemies.
- Health does not regenerate unless healed by a Medkit or First Aid Pack.
- The Maintenance upgrade does not function, as vehicle armor regeneration is disabled.
- Team killing (friendly fire) is enabled.
- Mines (M15 AT Mine, M2 SLAM, and M18 Claymore) will be set off even by friendlies.

this could be very intersting even for all the vehicle whores. no autorepair, no 3rd person view :D
its totaly strange gameplay but i like it and have to laugh a lot about the comments. lol oh, and i killed me a lot with my own clays.

accidently some teammates too. sad if you just placed a clay and a mate joined you directly into the clay lmao
---what happens in karkand, should stay in karkand ^^

Oh my god, in earlier times a "hard core weekend" was a lan party.
For youngsters: We had no fast internet, so we carried our equipment, beer eg. to our frinds....
Yes it might sound strange, but TS is not realy a live feeling.

Quake, Unreal, CS, Command an Conquer.... dude we waste a lot time, but I miss it somehow ;-]

Today a hardcore weekend is birthdayparty with above 5 kids ^^

so long
"old" Ice
ohh that reminds me at the good old lan-party for playing doom. that was always a mess because you had to move your fat and heavy monitor, was it 13" or the modern 15", can´t remember lol but i know they were heavyyyy. than a heavy PC called 386 with 33Mhz. Also you cherry keyboard and a microsoft mouse. a lot of cable and even some beer and cola.
than move all to a friends home and try to install all that crap in your lan and hope its working. because of the monitor we often had the prob that we need more room so the cable were going over the hole house so 2-3 guys max sitting in one room. if you play with 8-10 giys that was really a mess lol
IMG 1009
In those old days most PCs and laptops could play games so you didn't need super expensive graphics cards to play (though it helped). Setting up the 10base5 network was a chore. You could even play games on the PC above (wish I had kept it now as an SSD would have made a huge difference - not that you could install one).

Whilst hardcore mode is fine there are a few players who were, er, exploiting it. I got stuck in the spawn killed, respawn, spawn killed, respawn, spawn killed, respawn, spawn killed, respawn, spawn killed, respawn, cycle that stopped me playing BF2. Was a sniper on a roof who I eventually SUAVed (my language was quite colourful at that point) and I then quit.

Some maps were more fun than others and more suitable to hardcore. I don't hate the mode but I think it does give some players with enhanced skills the chance to mask that as you can't see them or where they are shooting from. Quite a few times there were folk (not referring to any of the known good regular players) getting headshot kills with sniper rifles at close range.
glen would like to have a hole hardcore week. :confused::D

loved that to. with a LMG its awfull to spray 100 bullets in some direction and you got killed a hole squad lol hardcore mode is running with only 60% soldier healt so nearly every bullet scratch is a kill
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I am supriesed, finaly you are a metro noob ?^^

You "lakaegg" will be first in frindly fire... hahaaaa.
I still can imagine, that your typical message, will be read very often: nooooooooooooooo ^^

But the force and I am with you ;-]
Variety of map change, hardcore mode is great for some days.
May I suggest one fixed day in a week for hard core mode?

Think in aprox 2-3 weeks BF4 server will be empty, because of BF1.

so long


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i killed myself a lot with my clays lol best ways was that i cover my back with a clay while doing a flag, than turn around to redeploy the clay and....BOOOOOM :D :D

Hardcore mode is a completely different game but not bad at all.
Oh yes, I have also experience in things like that^^

But I dropped clays and enjoy now one shot kills.
Imagine an MG4 in close quarters (y)


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