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Hey guys, whilst we are on the topic of emblems, I was wondering if it would be cool to have a NRU bf4 emblem, like one only admins use or something?

What do you guys think?

was my poor attempt. now that i have premium i can add another 20 layers to it (40 instead of 20) so maybe i can do a little better with it. it's a shame there's nothing to choose from that looks like a giant cock, that would be more fitting for the clan i think lol
That's pretty cool! Admittedly you are right, a cock would be more fitting! :)
i call it

2" of hard purple steel

and now i'm deleting it before EA disable my account lol
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lol is that my cock? i don't care if i've wasted an hour making the clan logo i vote we should all have the cock as our emblem lmao

as nice as the clan logo looks a giant cock is what's missing ....

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