Bf4 Cheater Catched On Cam

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NRU Heed
today i saw 2 suspicious guys on our server who played a bit too good at daragon valley.

1. deeedpoool - CheatDetector Service
with just 40 hours gametime he was the leader in his team with some dodgy kill

2. Hptmporky - CheatDetector Service
HptmPorky - BF4 Player stats
after just 195 hours gametime he is already lvl 140.
stats are also interesting if you look at the score per minute with 2779 point lol this guy must be very very good...

so i decided to have a look at spectatormode and here is the video.
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just watch that and try to forming your opinion. i can say, the first 10 minutes are not sooo interesting. some dodgy kill but nothing "special". after 11:30 it will be more interesting. mostly i was watching to the porky guy because the deeedpoool was not such clear and i would say he is just good. but the porky guy was more as just good. see how he aimed at hidden enemies or just aim at some sniper in the hill with one movement. raise his gun into the movement and just aim at the right direction or/and directly see hidden sniper or the wall-E. and the last kill was the point where i deciced to have sawn enough of him and banned him.

maybe that is helpfull for others to make a own opinion if someone is cheating or not.
That is useful. I got killed by deedpool a couple of times but didn't have that how the hell did they do that feeling about him. Didn't, as far as I can remember, get killed by porky so didn't have any suspicions during the round. I have seen a few players with low hours and high ranks recently especially when playing some TDM. You need to put in some serious hours or be very good to rack-up 32m points in a small amount of time.

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