BF3 + Win 7 hitreg fix

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15 Mar 2012
This fix only for bf3 and windows 7

If you have like me been suffering from really bad hitreg ingame lately
(clips emptied in enemy to virtually no effect and you see the X's marking the hits but don't make the damage the bullets should, get killed around corners etc)

Try this fix.


Published on 21 Jan 2013

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Download link: Download link: v2.rar
Use at your own risk!

Symthic Thread:

Music: Blackmill - Let it be ft. Veela


Command list:
netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
netsh int tcp set global dca=enabled
netsh int tcp set global netdma=enabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted
netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp
netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled

What it does is tweaks your network just the required bit so the hitreg gets back to normal through "simple" netsh commands in windows own command prompt.

When i got IP probs i use a netsh command to reset the winsock for example.

The dowloaded zip includes instructions, file to execute the setting and file to reset it back to what it was.

Hope it will also help others that suffer from the bad hitreg and i'm just sharing this info. It isn't mine but the author of the vid.
Thanks belong to ExProsiveGaming !


Alternative to sort local network issues (by Samoz):

Just gonna use this topic to link TCP optimiser which itself does some of these tweaks depending on you internet speed etc might help some people

Note from Samoz :
netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled
Just a note to be careful of this tweak as it can lead to not being able to login into some older EA games due to them not supporting ECN

EDIT 2 :

- Soft Quicktime might not be compatible
- Defrag HDD
- Restart your router properly.
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giving it a try, will report back
For me the difference was like night and day.

From last time with real bad hitreg and annoying X's with no effect most of the time to todays game when it actually felt like the gun hit and did some damage depending on how the aim was.

So long wanted to get back this hitreg now that it's back it's like trying to learn to play again. Adapt gamestyle to normal play.
The fix is VERY easy so use. Simply rightclick on START.BAT and "run as administrator" and DONE.
i cant wait to try this good find geno u may have saved my bf3 gaming life :)
You're welcome all.
Best thanks for me is teamwork, ggs and being part of the nuthouse.
hehe, may be i will not have to buy a new computer, in order to play BF3 normally, after all :D
didn't realise the hitreg problem also related to being shot/shooting people round corners, will give it a go cheers
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This will fix the clientbased issue so i hope if you got real bad hitreg that it helps. good luck.
netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled
Just a note to be careful of this tweak as it can lead to not being able to login into some older EA games due to them not supporting ECN
if any problems with the fix just go back by rightclicking STOP.BAT and run as administrator. done.

btw sam. think i posted in wrong section as this is prob bf3 support. sorry about that. Glad it has helped some fella clanm8s and friends etc. :D

Could edit the tcpoptimize you mentioned to OP and also the warning for caution as to that command.
Didn't notice that, I've moved it just as it makes more sense in the support section as you say.

You can edit if you want, don't know if anyone really is gonna run into a problem on the ECN thing, my BF2 seems to be okay with it so it must be older games than that or maybe EA fixed it on their end by now.
Thanks for moving it. Added the not + alternative to OP.

idk if it's fixed, if people still reporting bad hitreg for BF2 as well but i hope at least this fixes BF3 and makes it more playable for others.

Just joined a round on Ziba Tower, and i have a lot of lag to aim.Very strange thing because i had never this prob before.

I have just download the fix to try.
I will tell you if its better after many rounds.

Thanks a lot Geno for given me the answer ;)
np fox. i'm glad this and restarting your router made it a bit better. keep us updated.
hi geno thanks for being so helpfull as allways(not relevant for me but good to see) . i am a little worried myself as my bf2 game has gone to shit with stalls and no hit regs ..... i dont want you to waste time trying to give me advice as i may see if it sorts its self out in time but i am interested to know why you think your game seemed to worsen over time ? what causes this ?
i have tried graphics driver update and will try the bf2 alter ping value thing at some point , may just restart router too .
the thing that is hard to accept is when you get killed sooooooo quickly there is now way you can avoid it ... not going to stop me playing tho :}
anyway hi from rich.
do you have a multi-core cpu? did you try setting the cpu affinity to use only one core for BF2?

and i posted the fix for testing to bf2 players in members section before we know if it helps or not. the more seasoned bf2 players can help you i'm sure.

Well, seems ok now.
I restarted router / box, defrag HDD
I also uninstall the soft QuickTime, cos this is the only program i installed before troubles appears.

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