Bf3 and lots more for 10$

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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
gods country "scotland"
sweeny posted on facebook a link for "ea,s humble bundle"

so for 10$ im getting bf3 the sims crysis and about 5 more games

cheers tom xxx xxx xxx and as i type im downloading bf3 from origin all 19gig of it

thought some of you tight cunts might like a look at it
Cool to get more cocks to play BF3. :) And couple words of warning: You are getting so tbagged Jim lol. :tbag:
That site always had good deals.I've bought about 4 bundles now and I think Ihave 25 or so games from them woop woop
mmmmm maybe my interest in BF3 just got re-ignited !!!!
In for a for a pound- Lets go Sascha hunting mmwuwhauuaaaaaaaaa
oh fuck...better empty my pm inbox folder to make

lmao i see good time coming and i polish my plumbs to give a lot of lovely tbag to cheech and chong of NRU lmao

for true mac. now you are fucked lol

he you can see the first movie jim and spunky driving around in bf3.

That's very good thing, i believe BF3 gets more alive and quality of game goes better becouse all old cocks comes play more just for hunt&tbag Jim and My Little Pony Spunky.

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