BF2hub invalid password fix

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NRU Member
5 Feb 2013
Quote from BF2Hub Support:

Since the backup error message says "invalid username and/or your password" you already know that either your username or your password is incorrect.

Please try the following FOR EACH of your accounts that got an error message:

1. Download the BF2Hub Password Encrypt Tool ->
2. Enter the password for your account
3. Click "Copy Encrypted Password to Clickboard"
4. Open your Profiles.con file of your account
5. Find -> LocalProfile.setPassword "SOMERANDOMSTRING"
6. Replace " SOMERANDOMSTRING" with the encrypted password
7. Save your Profiles.con file of this account

- The term SOMERANDOMSTRING means the character string between the double quotes!
- You find your Profiles.con file of your account in Documents -> Battlefield 2 -> Profiles -> Profilenumber (e.g.: 0001, 0002, 0003,...)

I tried it and that works!!! Have my rank and unlocks now on BF2hub!!!

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