BF2 "Noobs R Us No Fly Server" about 16.30


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24 Jan 2014
Poland Sosnowiec
Hi I'm angry for one player we had be played about 16.30 of 2014-03-05 on "Noobs R Us No Fly Server" in bf2 Was be only two players I "Zimkowski" and guy "Andresos" on the map "Sharqi Peninsula".
Andresos was fighter with heli so I say him he cant fight with heli an he answer me "I know" I be tell him "why you do this" and he answer "I dont know" a couple minutes after he kill me 2 or 3 times from heli, he was doing it with anger, I had tell him about the rule.
I got a hope you can check about what we writing in game and I be tell he can be banned for that. if this is so much of problem and work to do something with that player I will experience it :)

Bless :)