bf2 nofly

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Odp: bf2 nofly

This is great news. I hope that people will come back to our server, and that Battlefield 2 is not yet said the last word :)
what is that punkbustercrap that kicks me of the server??
says I have an old version
it says : the server runs an older version

I can update it wiv me, but not on the server
Re: Odp: bf2 nofly

When I have my PC back and my Battlefield 2 disc & key, I'll check the server out :)
But I might need some help with whatever I have to download to connect to the server...
Odp: bf2 nofly

The server charge the points, thanks Lakaelo :)
Re : bf2 nofly

I'm surprised to see my last rank I couldn't get in game.
That's why I don't play BF2 anymore (even uninstalled !)

Great mp4 video background on !

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