BF2 installed on two different systems -> blacklist?

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3 Jun 2013
Bonn, Germany
Hello guys,

within the next months (and maybe years) i'm gonna be on the road a lot due to my new job. I got a new laptop thats really funking quick (I called it runningmonkey haha) and even though the graphics are not very fast, I am pretty sure BF2 will run on that system.

Will I be able to install BF2 on there without getting blacklisted by EA? I know for sure that this will happen if 2 different systems use the same account/license at the same time, but I have no idea if it will also happen when I run BF2 on one sys during the week and on another on weekends.

I will make sure to get TS installed on the new system too so I can continue to thoroughly insult everyone of you teabaggers :D:joker:
i had bf2 installed on 3 pcs at my house at one time. u just have to use one at a time thats all
Hi Chris I have bf2(same copy) on two pc's in my house and play online with my son from time to time together . no problem so far apart from the usual bf2 wont play at first crap :) lol
Great news! I am aching to play again, but we had a seminar this weekend and I couldnt go home to get the game and the key :mad:
I will be back ;)
Thanks for the answers!
Hi Guys,

On that note, I have a question, if the two systems are on the same PC, 1st one on the original XP Hard drive and the other on a separate hard drive running win7, so running on the same motherboard, should it work, from experience recently (yesterday), I could not even get the retrieval to access my account, even after putting in the correct password etc. the xp version is not on while the win7 version is running.
The issue I have is that the retrieve my account does not recognise my password, although after loading BF2 on the win7 hard disk, it accepts the registration with the same password.

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