Bf2 esl


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13 Aug 2014
Hi all!
First wanted to say "Thanks" to everyone who is still playing Battlefield2 and keeping this game alive. You know that it's wasnt so good times for bf2, gamespy etc etc.

And admins of ESL decided to close BF2 section because of no activity.What ESL is? It's electronic sports league where's you could play with other players like any popular game.
Wanted to ask you to vote for Reopening BF2 section back! How to do it? That's so easy, it's just a 1 minute of your time :)
Register an account on website, link : ESL: ESL Europe - Europe - ESL - The eSports League
And then write something like "+1" here's in the thread ESL: "Battlefield 2" - Forum - Europe - ESL - The eSports League

Lets revive bf2 all together! :)

Best regards