Bf1 Graphics Cards

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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Aram has a GTX570 - will that work with BF1. He seems to be getting messages saying wrong driver but does it HAVE to be a more powerful card?
Isn't that due to having a driver that's too old?

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'' why the requirement DICE''
the answer is easy, if they require it,there's isn't many people who actually know for the bypass, automatically if they require more stuff, people will have to buy a newer graphics card, as you all can see on battlelog HARDWARE PARTNER is AMD, but at some games (e.g. Farming Simulator) nVidia is some kind of sponsor, I see it so:'' Listen guys we will support you also we can provide you with whole new PC setups for your office, you put an ad for us into the game & put higher system requirements so people will have to buy our newer products''

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