BF 2 crash

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28 Apr 2012
Kempten (Allgäu), Germany

since I installed bf3, I can't play bf2 online anymore...
after some seconds it crashes to desktop without errormessage... ( singleplayer, lan and mods (online/offline) are working )

reinstalled the game, but it doesn't help...

So my question is:

Does someone here had the same/ similar problem and can help me ? Searched via internet, but haven't found something...
BF2 is angry and jealous becouse you cheat it with BF3. :D It's like leaving your wife for younger woman.
sheeeet ichea , i do feel betayed lol ..:)

\My Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\cache delete all in this folder this may help , might be what sam' is on about ?
apart from that cant think of anything else if all you have done is loaded bf3 with no other changes ....... ?
good luck with it, honestly, but ...... bf3 .... ffs ? :) ., rich.
I'm on about that and the video.con file in your profile folder
sam' just tryin to help we arent all pc genius' like you :)
I know m8 lol just was also adding the video.con part again as it's not the same folder, read my last message as if it's said in a happy voice :p
ahhhhhh sam' glad you are happy . i thought you were stressed or something ... cheers buddy .... i still remember you kindness when i was lost :)
regards, rich
Sam solved my PB-problem too. He is MacGyver with computers. :)
lmao sam' is the super brain behind these operations :)

it is a complete new Video.con file (default settings... only thing that has changed is DatailTexture and Viewdistance as far as I can see it compared to my backup)... after deinstallation I removed all bf2 files ( EAGames folder and Documents folder )...

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