BF 2 bad hitreg fix Tester wanted

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15 Mar 2012
So.. i had real bad hit registration yesterday and pretty much from last spring forward getting worse and worse.. Yesterday it was jsut too much..
Sniper rifle clips emptying into an enemy with visible X's all the time and no kill.

Then 2 - 6 bullets from opponent and dead.

Getting a lot of hits that should normally kill a player 4 times over is just such a BS in the game. Found one that works for BF3 and windows 7 (which i'll post in BF3 section after this one) and is legit and only uses clientside netsh commands the sort the issue. Not 100% but almost, but it worked for me.

Now.. BF2.. i need someone who knows how to use this info below, that has very bad hitreg AND can see if it makes any difference.
Make backup of old files before editing.

1: Go to C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\settings
2: Open usersettings.con in notepad
3: Change the value of the line "SettingsManager.floatset GSDefaultLatencyCompensation 0.0XX, where XX is your ping

so, ping of 30:

SettingsManager.floatset GSDefaultLatencyCompensation 0.030

ping of 100:


This  will affect where you have to aim to hit moving targets. If you tweak  this to properly match your ping, you will find that you can actually  aim AT moving targets and still hit them.

Command number two: 

SettingsManager.U32Set GSInterpolationTime ?

I  have absolutely no clue about this command. Nobody can actually say  what it does, and there is no consistent difference. However, some like  it, even if its a placebo.

default value is 100. What works better, I don't know.

These  commands can also be entered in your console ingame. You must properly  capitalise the commands, or they wont work. If you type them in  correctly a 1 will appear in your console.

idk if this is a known fix among the clan bf2 players but i hope it can help.
Dice have always said this never worked but then again I don't know why they would leave it in after so many patches =/
yeah i saw a comment like that on a discussion about it. But best prob to try to find out ? Then we know for sure.
thanks for taking the time to post this geno .. may give it a try
i think this little change might have helped ? will see how it goes , rich.
or i might have just had a good round but am sure it felt a bit more reliable :}
Keep on testing and keeping us updated please.

Any others trying this?
certainly will do :} thanks geno
Hi all not too sure whether adjusting the value made a massive difference but only a little ............ the strange thing is the problem has got worse over time. a while ago some nights i would get hits with ease and then miss terrible. i have also tried clearing the bf2 cache thing to do with video settings i think and also updated punkbuster and even tried making my cpu 1 core (it is dual core )
the last one i think caused massive judderring of picture and huge black areas that i could not see ?? someone commented(on web search) that multi core cpu's caused 60% loss of hit regs in bf2 ??
that kinda feels like what i have .
think i might have to accept that i am not going to be great at this game but i can still enjoy it :}
well, any comments gratefully received , regards, rich.
The thing is you need to change it to run one single core only on bf2.

to do this we had a post in the old forum. i'm sure someone can explain it better here.
i think what you needed to do was run bf2 then alt + tab out to desktop, get taskmanager by ctrl + alt + del, then rightclick on bf2 in the task manager applications and set it affinity mode to one.

that should sort the multicore issue.
so there i was prone single shot 300m away a person unaware of me lying still . 2 whole mags no hits wtf ... tried i little higher then little lower a bit to left and right ....jack shit :{
i know if he had seen me i would have been dead in under a second . ????
same game same distance hit first shot ......... it actually was beginning to piss me off .................. ALOT lol :]
then you get guys who just kill you so quick every fekkin time ..... i assume they don't have the same problems for whatever reason.
what frustrates me is , is there a solution' or do i just accept it for what it is ?
have some of you vets got any advice for me ?
thanks , rich.
also try restart your router. after time they get "clogged up".
ok so i tried ping thing and have set my bf2.exe file to single core cpu use(thanks for that medic) , maybe it is better will have to wait and see. i have allready reset the router but may have broken the reset button lol .
last games seemed ok no stutter or stalls and hit reg i think improved ? with the ping thing my ping is ~20-30 and at 30 seemed to stutter at 40 seems ok .
i am only posting this because it may also help some one else with similar problems . very frustrating at times tho' ,,,,,,
thanks again geno , hope you are well , rich.
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might just try shooting at the bollocks again at close range .... it used to work well for me ? :}
also had another strange thing happen , i could not see the flags markers while in battle but open up map and there they are ??? quit game and came back then they reappeared ?
is it worth putting this thread on bf2 tech area ? rather than members only (is that just NRU or forum members ?) some guest may be having similar problems .
Graphics drivers? Might be worth to reinstall them and directx.
Fine by me to move thread.
thanks laka , just checking :}
hi geno allready done that about 2 weeks ago .
maybe one day it will just magically improve ... i get the odd moment that it hit stuff like i would expect and it actually surprises me :]
thanks for advice anyway, rich.
Np rich.
Thanks for testing it. geno. :)
also had another strange thing happen , i could not see the flags markers while in battle but open up map and there they are ??? quit game and came back then they reappeared ?
is it worth putting this thread on bf2 tech area ? rather than members only (is that just NRU or forum members ?) some guest may be having similar problems .

Hey Mrfuc, do you know in game if you use the TAB key it takes off map/map distances of the screen, not sure if you hit tab here, or it was just a bug.

I do feel and have always stated that hitreg is totally different from a vehicle server to n i/o server.
and it can be a bit frustrating sometimes mate, i can snipe a player from the opposite side of wake island when hes in full sprint but quick scoping head shots from about 4 feet away and you get dust! they joys of the game :/

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