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15 Mar 2012
hi all.
i downloaded bf 1942 for free from origin today because since the 10th birthday of thats game they sell it for free.
who got it already and where do i get the latest patch?
...and who can guess my avatar name??? :)
i downloaded it some month ago now. installed, played once and delete this piece of crap lol cant play this anymore. its old and shit. lol

you're just mad they didnt have c4 back in 1943 lol

- - - Updated - - -

i loved Omaha beach and iwo jima maps the best in this game
I have it on CD, bought it years ago and played it alot. Hell El Alamain 24/7 on Rackage, good times good times.
So great to fly with two men in the old biplane, one on the stear the other on the MG...
Give me a call when youre on Bruce.
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what about a patch which is working with win7 and installation under origin? the patches always return with the message they don't find the installed game.
I have BF 1942 Collection pack where is original BF1942, Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII expansions, i played them several years. Then i started BF2 and not played 1942 after that. :p
BF 1942 was then amazing, first game of this kind. But time is raped it now. :( And im feeling little sick if i even think that BF1942 AT-kit without DAO or P90, only fakin pistol...

Laka you should come play BF2 with us sometimes? You are too safe at BF3 where i can't t-bag you becouse of my old piece of crap computer. :D
never played it but heard good things of the game to be fair, bf2 takes up all my energy lol
christ id end up divorced if i spent time doing another game
mr lak already got me doin this "activity" stuff plus my bf2 game lol my wife grumbling :)

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