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17 Mar 2012
Hey Cocos what is your Best Movie ???

as a child i watched the first 3 episodes of STAR WARS and i love it,in thoose days when i heard the SAGA continues,i was so happy like Bill Clinton as know what i mean lol.
i`m curious how it goes further,now Walt Disney has bought the movie rights,Dagobert Duck as the Imperator and Donald as an Jedi nooooo what ever.

my second movie is SAVING PRIVAT RYAN a different war-movie,for me beatyfull work and by the way Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors.
I think my favorite is HEARTBREAK RIDGE with Clint Eastwood.
And 90% of the movies with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.
Its a tough one Stavros- I have many many favourites to choose from but I've whittled it down to 2

Im a Tarantino fan and Pulp Fiction is a stand out masterpiece.

I also still have a massive sci-fi geek boner for 'Aliens'...a sequel which was actually better than the classic first film
rambo first blood part one . cheesy, but great having a beer or two.
oh and evil dead army of darkness ...some funny lines in that imo ? :)
also best enjoyed with a glass of beer .
Shawshank redemption
lock stock and two smokin barrels
full metal jacket
forrest gump
the departed
lethal weapon
and so on...... the list is endless!!!
The fifth element. I know it is stupid but I just like it.

Worst has to be "The Silence of the Hams" - so bad it goes back past good and just stays bad.
There so many films you could say yes a great or good films but ones that stick out are

1: Mad Max
2: Dune
3: The prophecy
4: Highlander
5: Queen of the damned
6: Tron

Lots of modern films as well that I cannot be bothered to mention :p
As Andy mentioned there is loads you could have, so it's a difficult question!

1. Big
2. Beverley Hills Cop Collection
3. Back To The Future Collection
4. Sneakers
5. The Social Network
6. Anchorman Collection
7. Old School
8. Snatch
9. Transformers
10. Rounders
11. Taking Care Of Business

If we are talking TV then:

1. Suits
2. Entourage
3. Spooks
4. Top Gear (UK)
5. Hustle
nice thread chriskrass , and is very dificult question , because the films cited are all good or very good movies ,( can be added from what you quote : _ wanted ,skyline ,i'm a legend ,2012 , green zone , ' seul au monde ' case away , and all yours ) .....:) .
but to really answer your question , for me ,this film does not have much dialogue and no special effects ,but all the emotons are in situations of scenes ( fear, joy ) and music , make a all ...
and this film is : the war of fire .... in france ( la guerre du feu )
La guerre du feu - Bande annonce du film La Guerre Du Feu (1981)
Dark knight trilogy and the day after tomorrow tops my lists XD
Great thread with an impossible question ;-)
My greatest one would also have to be the "Shawshank Redemption" but having seen over 400 movies (just in the cinema) since 2006 there have been so many great ones and exceptional suprises, and many shit ones too (the worst probably being "The Tree of Life").

I think I still have a list somewhere that will need to be added with last years movies as they (the cinema) only keep track of the last 100 movies I visited ;-)
I'm a fan of war movies (WW2), a few weeks ago I have downloaded this three part series called Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter,
and i recommended him to watch

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