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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
We were playing a round the other day when a guy from Belgium joined and we chatted about beers and it reminded me of when I got shot! We were getting the camera out of the back of the car when a scooter drove by with two guys on. One had an air rifle and shot me in the back! Drove after the bastards but lost them (probably a good thing as I might have been tempted to get a double road kill...).
Had dropped the camera and broke the lens cover!

So here is a picture of a Belgian building, canal (post incident) and my back!


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It is funny looking back but at the time it wasn't. Pellet went through my t-shirt and wasn't for a minute before we realised what had happened - Isobel noticed the blood! Good job it wasn't anything else!
So sorry to hear that, Glen.
I can’t believe it. I simply can’t.
Where other people have brains, these maniacs display an empty space, a huge vacuum, a big, big void.
It’s pathetic.
That must have been about 15 years ago and I wonder how many other people, animals and things also got shot at. As a kid, me and friends used to play and occasionally annoy neighbours but we never did anything violent or damaging. Is it the way these people are raised?
I guess world is going worse, looks like you should not go out nowadays without defensive field upgrade. :unsure:

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