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15 Mar 2012
Hi Guys,

I'm still alive, yes. I has been 16+ months according to my BF3 stats history. I bought BF4 and joined the NRU server 2 days ago. Saw Gubby there, lakaelo, Fred and probably some others.

Sad thing is that my connection went down for whatever reason so I didn't get the chance to chat up with you guys. Stopped playing back then because I got a new job which took nearly all my time. Things are better now but guess what? I'm moving to a new home, got the keys on October 31st (when BF4 came out, sighl ) so I'm once again stuck with time troubles.

I need to get that sorted out first so I won't be online a whole lot for now. But, once I'm all settled and my GF is at peace once again I might find a few hours here and there to get fraggin' again.

To be honest, I can't frickin' wait!!!! Winter is up so I hope BF4 will guide me through these boring cold times.

I hope I am still allowed to wear the NRU tag. I'm not wearing it for now because I want to check with you guys first. That's it for now, see ya on the BF4 servers! :) For the ones that have a short memory problem, I play as Numaga :D
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It would be nice to indroduce this member, 16 month away, most of the guys here dont know him, including me and I am here since ages...
welcome back :D

me is only member since 9 months or so but hey seeya on the field
Hi and welcome back. Im Heik and gonna :tbag: you. :)

Good to know you, i once almost banned one old member in BF3 when i spotted stranger using =NRU= tag. I thought somebody was pretending hes admin, luckily i checked clan roster first and noticed it was just old not so active member im never seen at forum or in game :D That would be epic ban appeal thread "Old member banned by Heik" hihihi i can just imagine how long i would hear about that hihihi. :D :D
Thanks guys. I'll re-introduce for the new players. I understand your concerns ;)

I'm Chris, 28 years old, living and originating from the Netherlands. I drive a UK imported car (FTO) steering on the right side :p. I've been a hardcore gamer in my youth, even won some nice tournament titles here and there but with becoming older serious gaming had to make place for other things as explained above.

I've played:
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2
Command & Conquer - Generals
Command & Conquer - 3
Got some nice medals left from playing these games :)

Then Counterstrike, 1.6 and Source, competed nationally and at European level but never won anything mentioning. When I became tired of clan gaming I went public, got banned on nearly all popular Counterstrike servers for ' cheating' when I obviously wasn't. Took the fun away for me.

That was the moment for me to try something new, BATTLEFIELD! Started with Bad Company 2, then BF3, and now BF4. I love the teamplay in these games.

Right now I'm nothing more than a mediocre player :D But I love to play together and make way for the better players in my team by providing backup and/or drives.

Will this do? :D

Pro player? Now you are not welcome anymore, except if you play always same side. :D :D Trollololol. :tbag:
Thanks :) As soon as the DEPLOY button issue is fixed I'll be back for some teabaggin' sessions :)

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