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NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
The BBC (no not that sort) has released a lot of sound effects for use in not for profit projects. These may be of use to people who make videos. I’m not sure who they are available to so access may vary depending on your location. I have not ried to use any but have used other BBC sound effects for background atmosphere in home movies (again wash those thoughts from your mind),

BBC Sound Effects Player

Despite the sound effects having a royalty free licence I frequently get YouTube copyright violation notices from utter bandits who try to monetise against them. I hate that YouTube support them in their claim by adding ads to videos despite their claims being false. Every objection I have made has been upheld (so far). Those making the claims are no better than crooks and hope mose people do nothing.

I have even had people using Apple loops within Logic Pro try and claim copyright infringement on music I have created using the same loops. The Logic Pro EULA specifically says that any music produced using them is considered derivative and cannot be copyrighted.

Any copyright abuse annoys me and I will play by the rules and will not use someone else’s work and I don’t expect others to abuse it either. Ask Nutcraker about copyright abuse, oh sorry you can’t, as their YouTube channel was taken down. :D

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