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So basically EA found a way to squeeze even more money out of server rentals "to provide the same ingame experience for everyone" as if ONLY NOW the sky will be blue for every player :whistle:

Could mean two things:
1. They "cut the middle man" and its going to be same price as BF4 or cheaper or
2. There will be no chance for a competition and they can dictate the price

lets see what happens
the biggest point that scares me is, that the rumor said that all the servers mostly running in a mode like the actual "official" mode in BF4. so no procon anymore, no extern plugins ( for anticheat, balance aso. ) and even no reserved slots for clanmembers. this could be a huge problem because what advantage is it for a clan to have there own server??
With everybody now having access to BF1 it is harder to get on a server with queues being quite long and few people leaving until the end of the round. At some points you have no idea if you are in a queue or not as there isn't an on-screen indicator.

If you see someone playing and want to join them it is often not possible - the join option isn't shown. Even then you don't always end up in the same team let alone the same squad! So having a server that you can prioritise clan members would be the minimum requirement. After that the usual admin tasks would be a close second. As it is at the moment, there is no server admin at all and racist and homophobic comments are frequent and way beyond being banter.

Quite often the only servers you can jump on are catch the pigeon but you will probably be quite lonely! :)

It is surprising how much you miss being "at home" on a server with folk you know and not a bunch of racist, homophobic, misogynistic, cheating shites! ;)
oh yes, can only repeat that. i miss the "home" feeling also and even more you playing a lot with selfish or/and insulting cocks. its always get me when the round is starting and everybody spawn and some selfish wankers jumping in the fast jeep with 5 seats ( and 4 empty seats ) and driving as fast as they can to the next flag. not waiting for teammates to pick up.
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Agree with other players and vehicles.
That is when you wish for a decent RPG and TK switched on followed by some really frantic :tbag:action on them!
If there was access to these settings then that would be a good start but for me you do need to be able to discipline and ban players too. There needs to be control and prioritisation of players otherwise it is a bit pointless.
Bf1 2016 10 25 12 25 32 60
Today it actually gave me the option to join the server with you and Andy. How long to join? Go on guess! No really, GUESS!

OK! Two coffees! One latte with two extra espresso shots and then a filter coffee. About 15 minutes of "Joining server" flashing on the screen. I was so glad I did join though, like any good squad when I got killed you two buggered off to the other side of the map leaving me! :) From now on you two will be Clarkson and May!
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Same experience here, IF the join button is available at all because the server isnt full!

Too many players for too little servers, they HAVE to start opening the restrictions. Yesterday I waited around 8-10 minutes also in queue place 1 to join a tdm for the shotgun medal. A whole round of waiting. No, i'll prefer reserved slots to be honest :D
If you do a manual search for a server there are a few full ones with players queuing yet there literally loads of empty servers! I don't think I have ever joined a server with only a few or limited number of players. Of the first 50 listed, 13 were full and the remainder empty. Maybe some of those queued were joining friends.

I saw someone playing, clicked the button to connect and even after 50 minutes I was still "joining server". The funny thing was that the other person had left the server and was offline when I checked. You think you would have a message come up saying they have buggered off do you still want to join? Server side of things really needs ome work and soon otherwise I think they will lose players even though we have paid the money for the game.

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Looks like the game and features will gradually be developed and features added. Without the basic stuff needed to make it a clan server there is little point in renting one. Unless there is an update that changes things a lot in the game then it could gradually start gathering digital dust.
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why they release a product with some important parts are still not working or not even build?? if i would be a chearmain there and someone would make a presentation with such unready game while telling me it is going online tomorrow i would ask him if he is kidding me. lol


Will there be RCON or PROCON tools?
  • We are commited to developing in-game support for the most popular plugins used with previous Battlefield titles to ensure that admins have similar levels of customization. However, the new RSP servers will not support 3rd party tools like RCON or ProCON. Please stay tuned to the Battlefield channels for more updates.
Why are the prices different for PC and console?
  • PC servers will be running at 60Hz, with console servers running at 30Hz. Pricing has been adjusted accordingly. Please stay tuned to the Battlefield channels for more updates.
Are the prices for servers affected by slot-size?
  • Server rental prices are not set by slot-size, but the slot-size will vary depending on the mode chosen in the rotation. Please stay tuned to the Battlefield channels for more updates.

More details to come.

The Teams at EA/DICE
So true.

BMW releases a new car. Fully tested and approved. Wheels will be available in 9 months and the steering wheel will be a DLC in two months. Indicators will become available in 2017 (not that anyone will notice :) )

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