Battlefield 4 public command list and unwritten rules


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28 Jun 2020
[Updated 25th, October, 2020]

[The content of this thread will be updated and uploaded on Noobs R Us Wiki (new secondary website) to make it easier to read]


Here is a public version of the server command list with commands that every players can use at any time on the server. Feel free to use it and join us for some rounds!

Some of these commands are only for VIP members.

Level access :

🛑 1 - Admin (not available on this version)
🔵 2 - VIP
⚪ 3 - Public

I – Suspicious / disrespectful player

⚪ @votekick [playername] [reason]
A votekick is initialized against the target player.

⚪ @voteban [playername] [reason]
A voteban is initialized against the target player.

All our automatic and other bans can be appealed on our website here : Ban Appeals and Complaints
Please read this before complaining : When making a ban appeal or complaint!

⚪ @report [playername] [reason]
The player is reported. Abusing reports can be punishable.

⚠️ Abusing report/votekick/voteban commands while it's not necessary is punishable.

II - Need an admin and communication

⚪ @admins
Show how much admins are currently online, who, and in which team. If you need help for something, have any question, want to make a suggestion, feel free to let us know it.

⚠️ Admins have NRU tags.

⚪ @msg [playername] [text]
Says [text] to a specific player from the server by opening a new private conversation between both players. Only this player will be able to read your message.

⚪ @r [text]
Permit you to directly answer to the player who created a private conversation with you.

⚠️ When you are using commands with @ and ! , all the players in the chat you are writing in can read your message, so if you want to write a message discretely, use / if you want to talk in a private conversation with another player. (Private conversations are still readable in the chatlog).

⚠️ Private conversations are still readable in the chatlog.

III - Personal welcome messages for admins and VIP members

🔵 /battlecry [message] (max 100 letters)
It is now possible to setup your own welcome message on the server that all players can see.

Example : /battlecry Old fossil joined the fight!

⚠️You can only change your own welcome message.

⚠️ The welcome message will now appear when you will spawn for the first time in the round.

IV - Rules

⚪ @rules
Show all server rules.

1- Don't be a dick.
2- No shooting from/to red zone. No camping close at Base.
3- No racism or abuse.
4- (did we mention don't be a dick).
5- No onanism in tanks.
6- T-bagging is permitted at all times.
7- All weapons can be used on anything without comment. Also on infantry.
8- English in main chat please.
9- If you want someone checked, say their name otherwise we don't know who to look at. If you don't you will be muted.
10- Racist symbols/emblems are not acceptable - you will be banned.
11- No selfish vehicle farming

V – Balance

🔵 @switchme
Allows you to switch teams immediately.

⚪ @assist
Let you go and help the losing team. If the team is already full or winning, you will be placed in the queuing.

VI - Map

⚪ @nextmap
Show the next map for all players.

⚪ /v
Displays the vote options while a vote is in progress. If typed before a vote, it will display the predicted amount of time before the vote begins. Use /v instead of @nextmap before the votemap to not to be misled.

VII - Squad

🔵 @lead
Gives you command of the squad.

🔵 @join [playername]
Will switch you into the squad with that player into.

⚪ @invite [playername]
Permit you to invite a player in your squad.

⚪ @join
Permit you to accept the invite to join a squad.

⚪ @givelead [playername] or @lead [playername]
The selected player will become the squad leader. You must be a squad leader to use this command.

VIII - Challenge

⚪ @challenge
Display informations about how to win a VIP slot for the current round.

⚪ @ch list
Display the list of the special challenges.

⚪ @ch1 or ch2 or ch3, etc.
Permit you to choose which challenge you want to play.

⚪ @ch or @ch p
Check your progress for the current special challenge.

IX - Stats

⚪ @top10
Show the list of the 10 players who scored the most points of the server for all times.

⚪ @topx
Show the list of the 10 players who scored the most points this week.

⚪ @cockoftheday
Show statistics for the player who scored the most points today.

⚪ @stats [Optionnal : [playername] or [weapon]] or @rank
Show statistics of the player.

⚪ @rank
Show statistics of the player.

X - VIP slot

⚪ @check
Check your VIP status.

⚪ @vip
Show information about VIP slot advantages and check your VIP status.

You can buy a month VIP Slot for only 5€

VIP Includes:

  • Reserved slot with aggressive join (Allows you to join the server even when it's full)
  • 2x votemap (Your map vote counts as double)
  • Whitelisted from the balancer
  • !killme command
  • !join (Useful to join to your friends)
  • !lead (Allows you to become the squadleader)
  • !switchme (Allows you to switch sides to join friends and ignore the balancer)
  • Access to Laka's secret tapes

DISCOUNT OFFER! Get 3 months of VIP for only 12€

⚠️ Remember VIP does not protect your from getting banned for breaking the rules!

⚠️ Please include you BF4 name either in the donation message or in a PM to the Heeds (red usernames)

⚠️ All money raised goes to help pay for our Battlefield servers and infrastructure

⚠️ If you have any issues with your VIP slot, please contact us in the forums or via PM

You can buy a VIP slot here : Noobs R Us - Server Upkeep

XI – Tools

🔵 @killme or @kill
You will be killed without your death being taken into account in your K/D.

⚪ @isadmin
Check if you are an admin or not.

⚪ @yes

⚪ @no

⚪ @cancel
Cancels any countdown initiated by the account holder.

⚪ @langinfo
Show information about the language violation.

⚠️ You can also use ! or / instead of @ it depends of the kind of command.

⚠️ We regularly check chatlogs and take actions against abusive comments.

XII - Unwritten rules

By using @rules you can see all the server rules. But there are also specific rules for specific situations, keep them in mind.

1- Different modes, different redzone areas, different rules. On some modes, like Carrier Assault (CAL) for example, there is no redzone area, shooting from the carrier is allowed. But according to the context and in the case of abusing baserape/basecamping, players can be punished.

2- Roof "glitchs" (with C4) are allowed on all maps except on Propaganda (invisible and invincible walls on roofs) and Sunken Dragon.

3- Invisible glitch on Hangar 21 is not allowed. Any wall glitch used is not allowed and will be punished.

4- Jet ram is allowed unless the ram took place in the enemy base, in which case it is baserape.

5- Putting mines in front of the ennemy base entrance, or just front of their redzone border, or on the main road just front of the base is baserape.

6- Sending cruise missiles in the ennemy base is baserape.

7- Stealing vehicles is allowed, unless the theft took place in the enemy base, in which case it is baserape.

8- If you are hiding back in base to regen/repair, you can not shot at any time. The base is the base. Except to defend yourself.

9- You can not use MAV, UCAV, SUAV, EOT BOT, RAWR and mortar from base, even only to spot.

10- Who ever spawned the first or get into a vehicle the first, its his place to play. You cannot ask another player to leave the vehicle if you want to play with someone else.

11- Abusing report/votekick/voteban commands while it's not necessary is punishable.

12- Wearing an offensive playername/emblem/tag is punishable.

13- Being a VIP member or a NRUF member (Noobs R Us Friends) does not protect you from getting punished for breaking the rules.

14- Players are players and admins are admins. It means that players don't have to make justice on their own or to give orders to other players without reason.

Noobs R Us is an international and multicultural community composed by members and players all over the world.
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