Battlefield 4: Commander - On a Tablet!!!

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15 Mar 2012
I've played a game or two as commander and I have to say I kinda liked it. To be honest I wouldn't do it much in the future if I have the choice of shooting and commanding, 99 out of 100 times it would come down to shooting.

But today, the commander app has been released for Tablets!

This means I can command you guys from my couch when my girlfriend really needs to see that episode of Sex in the city (blegh).


This makes my day :D
Yeah but I was merely used as an example :p There are plenty of things on TV that I do not wish to see :D
Ooh damm busted :p

But not many seem very enthousiastic about the app... I don' t understand!
Seems to be tablet only at the moment.

I've played a few rounds now via iPad and it is a useful way to play if it isn't possible to play the real thing. It would be interesting to know what sort of influence it has on the round in progress. You are able to stop cruise missile attacks from the other commander but also get missile kills yourself. Snipers should be easier to spot now and are unlikely to remain hidden. Deploying the gunship doesn't appear to be that effective compared to the missile option.

It is interesting to note that on a full server I've been able to finished a few times around 12th overall with about 7,000 points.

When it first appeared you could use chat but I've not been able to use that the last couple of days for some reason. You can see the in-game chat and take screen shots for evidence should someone be abusive or make other inappropriate comments. I've not tried the voice of god yet... You can also see the scores and potential cheats. Last night someone (roswell85 - see the screen shot) was going 20:0 until they were called out. I suspect the cheat was turned off as they were then very vulnerable and had no kills and soon left the server.

I think it is an interesting gameplay option to have and worth a try if you have a tablet. It seems to work OK but you still get lost connections and funny messages like "browser plug-in needs to be installed" and I have seen a "you need to be running Windows to play this game". I guess it is running HTML rather than a proper app.


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Yeah I think it's a really nice addition. You're talking about 'the voice of god' I didn't see this option yet what does it do exactly?

Sadly my Tablet died a while ago but getting a new one in 3 or 4 weeks. Can't wait to give it a try on the Ipad!
Voice of god enables you to speak to players in the game and presumably help them (or annoy them). Under the iPad settings there is an option for VOIP.

I thought there was the option to use chat for a while but I could be mistaken or it has been removed. That's frustrating as you can see folk say Hi but you are unable to respond and probably appear as ignorant or a daft bling old git. So if anyone does say hi if I am playing as commander it isn't me be rude just unable to respond.

Having played a few more times now it is a good way to play but can be frustrating watching your team. However, being able to give supplies or spot the enemy should help. Did manage to come to of a team whilst playing with 6 kills too! Like Nimma I would prefer to play properly but that's not always possible.
any chance of this coming to the kindle fire market? i bought kacey the bigger fire and id love to take it over and try this
thats a pretty good score for playing a round as commander, glen. how many tickets had that round?
Havent tried it on an iPad yet as I don't own one (yet) :p But yeah it seems to be a nice game to be played from the couch.

Planning to get an ipad in januari, can't wait to try commander!
gosh i hate being anti apple and android....would love to give it a try. Guess in game is my only chance.
I aint going to see the light lol. im to cheap to shill out $$$ for a tablet. I got a kindle fire and thats good enough. I might be able to try it out on that. maybe.
I'll have to steal kaces fire and load some third party apps and give it a shot

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